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2/7/13 8:42 A

I use the Spark coach plateau busters program. It isn't live, it is a daily check in when you have time to do so and it is filled with all sorts of things to help you track your progress and get daily tips that will help you on your way. The nice part is that if you have a question that you need answered, you can email a coach and get an expert answer. how cool is that?

You can go month to month or for an entire year. It's inexpensive and very easy.

It's a pretty nice tool in the toolbox :)

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2/6/13 10:40 P

Do you have a Spark Coach? I LOVE the idea of having a coach! I need all the help I can get. But I don't want to feel obligated to HAVE to do anything. Is it worth it if I'm not going to obligate myself? My days/evenings aren't always consistent. I have two young children and I'm often busy around the house. I just don't want to waste anybody else's time ya know.... emoticon

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