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MIKEH1983 SparkPoints: (3,050)
Fitness Minutes: (1,022)
Posts: 14
4/4/14 2:39 A

No I'm going to try it out but I can't imagine it will be for me.

EFDUNCAN Posts: 15
3/1/14 7:49 P

Not sure how much an internet coach would help me but some folks may need a extra kick in the rear.

THERLDL SparkPoints: (30,735)
Fitness Minutes: (17,564)
Posts: 709
2/26/14 7:54 A


CHUCKIECHIEF SparkPoints: (254,149)
Fitness Minutes: (339,463)
Posts: 1,419
2/11/14 12:08 P

I lost all of my weight long before the SparkCoach. It might work for some, but I already pay for the gym.

44_AND_LEAN Posts: 312
2/11/14 10:57 A

Based on my personal thoughts and what I've read here, no. Besides, I'm not paying for something I can do on my own.

MNCYCLIST SparkPoints: (134,627)
Fitness Minutes: (75,835)
Posts: 6,980
2/10/14 4:22 P

No I haven't and I wouldn't bother. It's just a way for SP to make money, which is fine, but they won't be making money from me!

EVILCECIL Posts: 54,016
2/4/14 8:10 A

Just finished free trial, didn't really add anything in my opinion (except cost).

EMARIOM Posts: 315
2/2/14 12:52 A

would it be ideal or even right for me to get or try the spark coach? seeing that I am only trying to lose 3 well 4pounds now and after that just tone u.

GBO323 SparkPoints: (31,201)
Fitness Minutes: (18,712)
Posts: 470
1/9/14 1:40 P

I tried it...will stay on free program

RIVETPA Posts: 1,177
12/30/13 8:58 A

I've seen it and read what others have thought about it, but I haven't tried it myself.

FITADMIN83 SparkPoints: (29,632)
Fitness Minutes: (4,722)
Posts: 441
12/27/13 4:08 P

Have any of you gentlemen used the Spark Coach program on the site? If so, what was your experience with it and did you feel it helped? I just signed in for the trial but would like to know your experiences before I decide to continue next week. Thanks!

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