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8/20/12 4:51 P

I hadn't even heard of Spark Coach until I saw your post. I then went (in another tab) to spin for my log-in points... and saw an ad for Spark Coach! I clicked on that to see what it said. No where does it say you can only e-mail once a week. The ad says:
* Unlimited access to virtual coaching with step-by-step guidance and feedback from your coach
* Structured daily program that features premium video instruction from top health & fitness experts
* Ongoing motivation, accountability, and rewards for your hard work

They do give the first 2 weeks free (hope you are taking advantage of that), so you may be able to cancel and not have to pay anything. I would definitely write them and tell them that this is not fair - if they have limits it should be noted in their ad!


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8/16/12 9:05 P

THANK YOU FOR YUR COMMENT! i joined in'08 n didn't rilly get going til about a year or so ago...i am proud of you n yur weight loss! thanks for the suggestion about the group n i will join it! emoticon

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8/16/12 8:01 P

Sorry, I have been a Sparker for nearly five years, and I didn't even bother to check out anything to do with the "Spark Coach" deal, since I figured it was more about money and selling stuff. So, I'm not going to comment on what happened to you, but I'd say to join a great TEAM like "DONE BEING THE FAT GIRL" and get support.

When I first joined Sparks in October '07 they didn't "sell" stuff like they do now, and I liked it that way. Seems like now it is more and more about selling cookbooks, DVDs, shirts, etc. etc. I'm frugal and not interested in all that.

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8/16/12 12:52 P

I am feeling very disappointed about subscribing to Spark Coach. I was under the impression that I would have a Coach at my disposal to help me make decisions, and to contact whenever I needed help. That is not the case. I found out after my fisrt e-mail to a Spark Coach that i have have to wait a week until I can e-mail a SPark Coach again...feeling very disappointed in SP right now. Has anyone else had this experience??? Please respond if you have and let me know if you think I am being unreasonable or rightly upset....

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