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TGUY82 Posts: 53
2/27/14 1:20 A

How does it work when uploading? Do you need to open it up or does it sync automatically?

WALLY828 SparkPoints: (14,438)
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2/26/14 5:36 P

I have a Spark Activity Tracker and I love it! It's really small/discreet, and has so many benefits over the competition. It's cheaper, the battery lasts forever (you only have to replace it 1-2 times a year), it's water-proof so you can swim with it, it can distinguish between running, cycling and swimming, and it's cheap! I honestly like that it doesn't have a digital display because then I'd fiddle with it throughout the day like a toy. I like that my Spark Activity Tracker just clips on my pants and I just forget about it throughout the day. Not to mention, it syncs up perfectly with this site, so it's a no brainer for me!

TGUY82 Posts: 53
2/25/14 9:46 P

Any input from the spark activity tracker users?

RANNYJ SparkPoints: (5,669)
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Posts: 146
12/31/13 10:48 A

Wow! Thank you so much for taking the time to give me all this great information. It is helpful to know about the catch up, the calories and how this all works! I am blown away by your generosity of time to share this with me!

RANNYJ SparkPoints: (5,669)
Fitness Minutes: (633)
Posts: 146
12/31/13 10:46 A

Thank you for your input!

STLOUISWOMAN Posts: 11,831
12/31/13 9:22 A

Like DIDS70, I have the FitBit One & I love it. Hook it to the band of my underwear during the day & use the wristband at night. I also, only take it off for showering or charging.

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,623)
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12/31/13 9:03 A


Just so you know, pedometers like to play catch up. Activity trackers are basically pedometers but are better suited to track all day activity but they also do catch up. For example, if you walk to your car and then drive, you may notice your AT/pedometer gaining steps while driving, this isn't false positives. It is recording the steps you took to the car, it was just delayed. This could be due to how fast you were walking and it couldn't keep up. The difference between a pedometer and AT is that the pedometer will just give you net calories burned for a specific activity (walking/jogging/running). The AT will track all movement you make during the entire day, I believe is better suited for tracking all other forms of exercises and it will tell you what your gross calorie burn is (BMR, activity + exercise). Most of them will track how well you sleep at night too. They also provide you with various charts, graphs, timelines, food tracking, community, etc. online.

I just got Fitbit Force but I don't have the Spark Activity Tracker so I can't really compare them. I love it so far, it's a handy tool to have for my job and while at home doing housework or running errands to get a bigger picture of how many calories I'm burning outside of exercise. I've wanted to know that for awhile. I also find it's pretty darn accurate when I exercise too, estimating calories burned. It perfectly lines up with the estimated calories burned for those activities. The reason I went with the Force over Flex is because of the display. With Flex you have to log in to see your steps, calories burned, etc. Force has a display with the time, steps, calories burned, distance, active minutes and stairs climbed that you can check anywhere/anytime. This is handy for me at work when I can't use a phone/computer or in the future when I'm camping and I don't have Wifi.

I like that you can compete against your Fitbit friends. I like that you can log your food here on Spark and it automatically syncs to your Fitbit account. One issue is that Spark already awards you calories for basic activities so when your Fitbit syncs your activity, your calorie range/calories burned on Sparkpeople will be inflated but you'll still know how many calories you can eat by your Fitbit account, it's a minor nuisance.

I guess Polar Loop is completely waterproof, all other FT's are just water resistant but I've heard many people do use them for swimming. I'm nervous to even take mine in the shower, I take it off. Polar Loop also connects to a heart rate monitor which is awesome! I was almost sold until I found out they don't have an app for android and only work with 2 Polar loop HRM and I didn't see myself purchasing one in the near future after buying this expensive gadget. Otherwise, I think the Loop would have been my first choice.

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12/31/13 8:52 A

I am on backorder for the Fitbit Force - I can't wait to get it!

RANNYJ SparkPoints: (5,669)
Fitness Minutes: (633)
Posts: 146
12/31/13 3:00 A

Thanks for the reply. I quit using pedometers because they never worked right for me. I would sit down and gain 50 steps.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
12/30/13 2:14 P

Love my fitbit. I have the One and it is my little buddy.

I don't really know the cons but here are some observations

You have to remember to put it on. (mine rarely comes off unless i shower or it needs to be charged)
it is small enough to clip to underwear or bra. no one will see it so no stupid questions.
it can be motivational. If you join a team on either facebook or the fitbit site, you can compete against other members.
the customer service for fitbit is stellar. I have heard of clips being broken, fitbits falling out, bands being broken, running the device through the washer, dogs swallowing it, etc. Most of the time, fitbit will either replace or discount replacement.
the one guages my sleep, stair count, step count, daily calories burned (not just those spent on a workout), it grows a flower-- i can earn up to 10 petals/leaves.

regardless of whether you buy a spark tracker, a fitbit or other type of pedometer-- determine if you are really going to use it. If not, it just becomes a very expensive piece of junk in your drawer.
I have had two fitbits over the last three years. I rarely go anywhere without it.

RANNYJ SparkPoints: (5,669)
Fitness Minutes: (633)
Posts: 146
12/30/13 11:39 A

I am looking for any information from people who have tried either one of these to see what you think. Would love to hear from someone who has used both to get the pros and cons.

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