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SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 38,576
2/2/15 11:59 A

I'm not seeing those numbers listed on your account for that day, but I do see that you have a General Exercise Workout listed, which means the Spark Activity Tracker wasn't able to detect the exercise/movement you were doing. So you will want to reclassify those types of entries by rolling your mouse over it, then click the reclassify button so you can select the appropriate exercise from the drop-down menu. That will then update your steps accordingly to that exercise.

When wearing it on your laces, is the tracker snug and not moving around at all? What type of surface were you running on?

Coach Denise

SWALSH80 Posts: 31
1/31/15 11:24 A

Before anyone asks, I calibrated it when I first got it, and I was wearing on my shoe laces.

SWALSH80 Posts: 31
1/31/15 11:22 A

Went for a run this morning, Runkeeper tracked 3.44 miles. Activity tracker says 5088 steps, 11.4 miles?! It is a physical impossibility to have 5088 steps cover 11.4 miles. Bizarre.

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6/29/14 9:08 A

I had it through multiple laces, but I had loosened my laces a bit, so it might have been off to the side or a little floppy.

However, if it's that picky about positioning or not bouncing around at all that seems buggy to me.

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 38,576
6/28/14 10:56 A

Have you tried calibrating your Spark?

Also, We’ve found that when members adjust how they wear their Spark they get better tracking. You could try the tips below:

- If you wear on your shoe, make sure it is flat on your laces and parallel to ground with the open end of the clip pointing towards the toe. Also make sure it is firmly clipped and not flopping around - we find its best to try to get it through at least 2-3 laces (which really snugs it down).

-If wearing on your bra, try with clip to the skin and the tracker to the outside. If that doesn’t work, try wearing it on the cross strap (not the shoulder strap) towards the side of the body near the underarm. We have seen this give better results for some body types as it helps to hold the tracker securely to the body. But we would still recommend trying it on the shoe or waist first if possible.

- If you wear on your waist, make sure the open end of the clip is pointing towards the ground. Also try to wear as close the outside of your hip as possible.

Coach Denise

SAMIRATOU SparkPoints: (22,730)
Fitness Minutes: (68,825)
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6/27/14 11:25 P

I bought the Spark activity tracker a couple weeks ago, and it's been mostly good, though the syncing seems to be pretty buggy. No big deal, that, but today I went for a run and the tracker registered the time, but nowhere near the distance. It's saying I ran .79 miles but Runkeeper logs 2.97 miles, which is way closer to reality than .79 miles. Tracker was on my shoe, as recommended.

Has any users of the Spark activity tracker had similar issues? I confess to being a bit irked that I'm not at 10K steps for the day despite a run of nearly 3 miles.

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