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SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 61,050
7/10/14 10:38 A

I'll let them know.


Coach Jen

7/10/14 10:35 A

No, I just forgot to hit post maybe, then when I went back to edit I saw that it did add it automatically.

Really just wanted you to know about last Thurs/Fri in case SP or your server people are interested.

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SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 61,050
7/10/14 10:33 A

It looks like your cals/workout numbers are zero because you haven't exercised yet today, but it's counting the steps you've taken so far (which is reflected in the numbers above that.) I'm not sure what you mean by your name not showing up. Is that somewhere on the SAT page?


Coach Jen

7/10/14 10:19 A

And as you can see, it didn't add my name.???

7/10/14 10:18 A

FYI - While my tracker did come back on and recorded the activity during the 'red out', it has not uploaded (or saved?) the data from last Thursday at 4:30 until after midnight Friday. I'm ok with it, but wanted you to know that not everything came back. In the meantime the battery went from 60 something percent to 19 percent. This morning I have had the tracker on and when I go to the graft to look it shows activity, but when you look at the steps/cal/workout there are still zeros. Thought you might want to pass on the info.

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SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 61,050
7/10/14 8:44 A

It looks like your last sync was about 5 minutes after you posted this message. Is the data there for you now?

Coach Jen

IMINTOIT Posts: 13
7/10/14 8:37 A

Ok my downloaded yesterday when I had seen a post about a battery only working at 11 percent and my was low so when I changed my battery it was like bam, all my info was there but I notice last night my clip had came off the back, luckily I had it turned so if this ever happened hopefully I wouldn't lose it, well I still have it but it stopped recording around 2:00 pm yesterday so what is up. Really feeling disappointed with Spark, I have not used the system for tracking that much I always checked it but never got serious about it, now wanting to get serious about it and all this happens, is my tracker now broke?? HELP!!!

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 61,050
7/8/14 12:31 P

Yes, your data will download slowly as they get caught up.

Coach Jen

7/8/14 11:43 A

I just walked by my computer and found my boggle had turned green. emoticon
It then said that my date had successfully offloaded. Since 4:20PM on Thursday I still show -0- Are they going to do it bit by bit so they don't overload the system, or is the data just lost? emoticon
I kept at it all 4 days so even if it is lost I know I did my best. Bonnie

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 61,050
7/8/14 6:47 A

Thanks for your feedback! I will pass it along.

Coach Jen

INSH8P Posts: 1,543
7/8/14 12:16 A

As recent posts on other topics in the Forum "What's Up at SparkPeople" have alluded, most of us are quite pleased with the results that years of devoted research and practical application make the SparkPeople community and website what it is today -- a respected, vetted site for wellness and personal change.
That's why I am happy to support SP by subscribing to SparkCoach, and by having paid for SP apps.
Yes, I bought the SparkActivity Tracker; and for the most part, it does some of what it claims to do. However, this recent, extended server shutdown doesn't look good for the methodology of the sync service.
The current server troubles for SP Activity Tracker have only given me an excuse to look for something that gives me the motivation to "get moving". In the mean time, I have purchased another firm's pedometer / activity tracker, which has a SparkTeam, even if not very active. This product gives me immediate feedback, even before I sync; so I have the instant motivation to get moving, and to know whether or not my activity is actually being recorded by that tracker (SP Activity Tracker often doesn't record footsteps if I don't move with "forceful sway of hips") (or if the tracker gets lost in a roll of my ab fat) (And I don't find out until I get home to my computer).
With SP Activity Tracker, you get NO credit for a series of vigorous activities like one minute of jumprope followed by 30 seconds of rest, repeated as a circuit. It's really unfortunate. Yes, I can record it in myFitness, but the tracker isn't giving me the "just-in-time" motivation that says: I can tell you are working hard OR That's not up to your usual standard.
I will continue to support the SparkPeople community, and speak to others positively about its merits. I hope the current server difficulties will provide some needed discussions about the rationale and immediacy of the SP Activity Tracker sync process. Right now, IMHO, the sync function is broken and needs a serious fix.

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