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8/15/13 4:55 P

For well-studied activities like walking and biking, in general, yes.

in your estimate, though, it's important to know what you're counting; biking to and from work may be exercise for some, but if you've been doing it a long time, it may not be as challenging for you as others, and your burn may be lower.

What's the estimate that it's giving you? For walking, a good rule of thumb is around 100 calories per mile (give or take a bit.)

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8/15/13 4:43 P

What estimate is it giving you? I think that the minimum it would suggest no less than 1,200 calories, but that is only if you are not doing any kind of workouts at all. I'd probably say that most people here are given a range of about 1,500 to 1,900, depending on how much they workout.

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8/15/13 4:37 P

So, I estimated that I work out about 90 minutes/day. But in this, I'm including biking too and from work, walking (at a good clip), etc. I'd say 90 minutes is a good estimate, but I am wondering if Spark's calculation of the calories I burn in that time is accurate, thus yielding an accurate number of calories I should consume/day.


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