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Spaghetti Squash toppings?

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12/10/12 6:35 A

i once had spaghetti squash at ruby tuesdays. they added grilled eggplant and marinara sauce. it was yummy. (:

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12/4/12 2:24 P

Add a can of black beans, salsa, cumin, chili powder, and some cheese. If you have any, cilantro is great with this as well as and chopped veggies like onion and peppers.

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12/4/12 9:41 A

i LOVE spaghetti squash! I'm making it tonight, with some meat sauce I made with ground turkey breast.

I'll sometimes also do a little butter, some garlic and parmasean cheese. And red pepper flakes!

Oh, and italian sausage cut up pretty small and stirred in is great too!

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12/3/12 9:54 P

I throw veggies in with some chick peas and from Frank's red hot. So good!

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11/14/12 5:24 P

Thanks for the ideas! That sounds simple. I ended up putting some citrus juice, italian herbs, and pecans on top...going to see how that tastes! I will be trying the parmesan ideas tomorrow!

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11/14/12 3:01 P

My favorite is just parmesan cheese. Yummmmmmm

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Posts: 653
11/14/12 12:31 P

Lemon pepper seasoning and parmesan, pesto sauce, red sauce, etc. Pretty much anything, it's all good!

Posts: 3,146
11/14/12 9:13 A

I like to keep it simple and just put a tiny bit of olive oil (1 tsp), some parmesan cheese, a little parsley (fresh or dry), salt and pepper, and that's it. It is delicious every time.

If I have some tomato sauce around, I'll sometimes use that too.

Also, spaghetti squash makes a great base for anything you would normally serve over rice or pasta. Think stir fry, curry, roasted veggies, stew. They are all great over spaghetti squash.

Posts: 356
11/13/12 5:51 P

I just prepared some spaghetti squash and now I just have to figure out what takes minimal ingredients and tastes fabulous! Any ideas?

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