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9/22/14 9:53 P

Thank you so much! I will keep you posted! I really love my SPAT. :)

Have a good rest of the evening! :)

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 41,881
9/22/14 9:42 P

NOLAHORSERIDER - I haven't seen or heard of that happening after a battery change. I do see that it's showing your new battery level, so it did take that as a new battery. I would say to keep an eye on it tomorrow and let me know if the lights aren't matching up to what they should be (keep in mind that if you reclassify an event, the lights won't match what is then reclassified and listed on the site).

PS - Great job on your steps! emoticon

Coach Denise

9/22/14 8:58 P

My Spat was running slow today, so i changed the battery. I have 13,000 + steps on the website, but my SPAT is only showing one light after tapping it five times. What could be wrong??

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 41,881
4/4/14 9:56 P

I'm not sure if there will be a different way to upload in the future, but I have passed your feedback along to the team.

The Spark counts activities that are continuous for at least 10 minutes. SparkPeople’s fitness experts have determined that this is the best way to help ensure you’re getting a good workout- by keeping your heart rate elevated in the cardio zone for at least 10 minutes at a time. The Spark is not designed for a lot of stop-start activity.

Coach Denise

SEDONA0410 Posts: 610
4/4/14 2:31 P

Aha, Denise - they must have read my post somewhere else in support! The points were not there a week ago, I'm glad I finally got them.

I am hoping they send me another dongle too. Having it stop every 5-6 weeks is so discouraging. I'm pretty computer savvy and have tried everything they suggested the first time, this one is certainly as dead as the last one. I love the tracker, just wish the dongle would stay alive.

Are you guys working on a better way to upload like just tapping the tracker and no dongle? Seems there could or should be a way to make that work on most computers.

Another question? Why does the tracker only track in 14 mins movement? I can walk 2 miles, but stop and only get 14 mins of time because I have a spouse who is disabled who is in a scooter who stops. Sometimes, I keep my legs stepping and people look at me like I'm crazy!!

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 41,881
4/4/14 1:59 P

Sorry to hear about your dongle! Support will get back to you on that.

I checked your account and you did receive the 500 points. Those are automatically added to your account once you set up your Spark Activity Tracker. If you go to your SparkPoints page, scroll to the bottom of that page and you will see that line item and that you received those points.

Coach Denise

SEDONA0410 Posts: 610
4/4/14 1:44 P

My dongle died in less than 6 weeks, thankfully Spark support sent me a new one on Feb 20, 2014, but that one just died on April 2, 2014! I am awaiting a reply as to if they are replacing the replacement dongle. I'm upset that when they finally sent a new dongle, all my steps were gone and am afraid all these steps will be gone too. I keep my dongle plugged in so I have no idea why mine is dying every 5-6 weeks. If I had known this, I would not have spent $60 OR if Spark wants to keep sending me dongles for free but as I said, I'm losing steps which throws me off track.

Also, I bought mine on Amazon and did NOT get the 500 points to my account. I posted a question elsewhere and still didn't get the points. My profile shows I have one or ordered one so why spark doesn't give you the 500 pts for ordering from Amazon I don't understand?

ZAKNEE SparkPoints: (14,351)
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2/11/14 6:17 P

Thank you for your advice. I figured there was no way to get it to do a quick download, I guess I just need to be patient. emoticon

CJGODESS101 SparkPoints: (30,781)
Fitness Minutes: (9,224)
Posts: 611
2/10/14 12:16 P

I have found it sometimes takes a little bit to sync. I usually wake it up when I'm at the computer, go look up what I need then check. I'd say it takes about 5 minutes. Although sometimes I will just walk by the computer when my hubby is on it, and it updates.

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 41,881
2/9/14 10:25 P

Your Spark Activity Tracker will update your data when it's "awake" and near a wireless SyncPoint USB dongle (the small plug that you inserted into your computer's USB port). You can wake your Spark Activity Tracker and upload your data by doing one of the following:

* Walk near a SyncPoint USB dongle (up to 50 feet away).
* While near a SyncPoint USB dongle quickly tap your Spark Activity Tracker 5 times with the pads of your fingers.

Coach Denise

ZAKNEE SparkPoints: (14,351)
Fitness Minutes: (4,571)
Posts: 470
2/9/14 10:11 P

I recently received my SpAT and I was wondering is there a way you can force a sync? I tapped on it to "wake it up" but it didn't sync. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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