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SPKRAUSE Posts: 543
3/14/13 12:04 P

... it's worth noting, though, that while in the movie 'Soylent Green is PEOPLE!' ... in the novel it's based upon -- "Make Room! Maike Room!" by Harry Harrison (!_Make_Room
) -- , it was called Soylent because it was Soy + Lentils.

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
3/14/13 11:18 A

LOL! I know, right?

YOJULEZ SparkPoints: (15,981)
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3/14/13 11:11 A

TURTLES, the movie was mentioned in the article, but the second I read this thread title that's all I could think of, and that line has been stuck in my head since!

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
3/14/13 10:05 A

"IT'S PEOPLE!! SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!!!!" Sorry, I had to say that! Remember the 70's movie with Charlton Heston?

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3/14/13 9:58 A

lol Ensure. You are exactly right. I had forgotten about those 90s Ensure commercials. This is the new generation.
He has put fiber in there, or so his blog says. I dunno, I am also of the "I like to cook" mentality, so it isn't for me. Also, he HAS made himself sick by putting in way too much salt, no iron, etc. But people make themselves sick eating like that, too.
I don't know. In theory, it is a neat idea for an afternoon meal on the go, but in practice it seems like it takes a long time, patience, and a good bit of money to put together said "simple" nutrient mixture when you could go grab an Ensure or Slim Fast.
Remember, dear reader, that Vice in generally steeped in irony. So I do wonder how serious the interview even was as it seems a little tame by the publication that brings us entire issues about S&M and goes to impossible-to-get-into locations for political issues. Meh, interesting and I wanted to share. Thanks for checking it out!

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,410
3/13/13 11:04 P

My inner skeptic says "this is a sophisticated internet troll."

I mean - "Soylent"? Really? Seems to have named it something "controversial" to drive traffic to his blog, perhaps?

Seems to me he has concocted a home-made "meal replacement" (and maybe even actually consumed it in place of food for a month without any significant ill effect). How would his "Soylent" differ from something like Ensure? And actually, even though it looks like some hideous non-food sludge, it really IS "food" - it's based on olive oil (a food), and glucose, which he consumes in the form of maltodextrin (an ingredient you will find in many processed foods), plus a selectio of vitamins, minerals, amino acids... yeah sounds a lot like home-made Ensure.

But when wrapped up in that sci-fi-esque package, it sounds a lot more compelling. "Man has found a way to stop eating food" sounds a lot more intriguing than "guy drinks Ensure for 4 weeks."

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (58,681)
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3/13/13 8:09 P

This guy is a software engineer, not a dietician or medical professional.

I wouldn't be taking diet advice from anyone like that, period. I don't even listen to unqualified personal trainers who try to give me advice.

One thing he forgets is that the body needs more than vitamins and minerals, it needs things like fiber.

He's going to end up making himself (or someone else) very sick.

I love food. I don't like drinking food. I enjoy the flavors of food, and the very idea of drinking the same thing all the time is disgusting to me. No thanks.

YOJULEZ SparkPoints: (15,981)
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3/13/13 6:00 P

Bizarre. What happened to eating because of the love of food? I get that some people are of the "Food is fuel" mentality and don't really care about what they're eating, but I personally enjoy the cooking and eating process.

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3/13/13 5:43 P

So I am an avid reader of the hipster pseudo-rag Vice Magazine. This is a story that they are currently running on their site.
Basically, this guy has engineered his own meal replacement, not for weight loss, but for simplicity. Not only is he getting all of the nutrients, proteins, trace minerals he needs (according to him), he thinks that it could solve world hunger, over-farming, food deserts (well maybe thats something I threw in), and malnutrition in lower socio-economic classes.

A side note: a fellow I know engineered a drink from all natural ingredients and swears by it. He is a fitness guru and swears he only drinks his juice and eats a few small protein-rich meals a week. In his case, it seems to work. I have even tried it with ok results (an allergy prevented the inclusion of a key ingredient, so I didn't get the full experience).

I think it sounds neat, but maybe crazy? Am I passing judgement by thinking that its weird to not want food? I mean, most of our goals include eating for nutrition, rather than just out of habit or boredom of as a coping mechanism, but to forgo food altogether?

I checked out his blog, too. I will admit that I am fascinated by this guy's idea, but I don't know how to feel.
Check it out for yourself!
The article in Vice -
Rob's Blog -
What do y'all think?

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