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7/24/13 1:14 P

@losing- Love the username by the way. Great reason.

And this is why I like pictures in menus, instead of just the name. I'm more than happy with a full chicken breast for any meal, but many times, especially with sandwiches, the chicken is like half or small chunks. That was why I was thinking initially I'd need to get a double meat.

And the catfish was battered and fried, but in a much thinner seasoning than the Friday fish frys all the time here in wisconsin. Actually looked pretty good, and probably not too bad fat/cal wise I would guess. But maybe I'm wrong

7/23/13 5:39 P

Interestingly, Cracker Barrel offers grilled catfish

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7/23/13 5:36 P

CAtfish is usually almost always fried; you can grill it, but I've never seen a place do it.

The green beans you got weren't cooked in vegetable oil. If it was a southern cuisine, it was cooked in meat. Usually pork, like salt pork or ham hocks.

Pulled pork is usually a good option, because you can get it plain 90% of the time, to allow you to add your own sauce (or not.) That's how I always order it, because I like the flavor of the meat.

Collards are also cooked with meat, probably butter.

Corn: definitely gobs of butter.

7/23/13 5:35 P

Well done!
I must say I am entertained (and note: entertained, NOT critical) at the difference between us that you were not that hungry so you only ordered and ate the 9 oz chicken. That would be what I would order and eat if I was really hungry =0)

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7/23/13 5:17 P

So things went well at the restaurant. I may have had an extra peanut butter rice krispie bar later on, but I don't mind that kind of thing in a social setting. Really trying to relax more because it doesn't matter if I eat perfect for 3 weeks, but then cram 15,000+ calories into me during a binge weekend.

I ordered the "Hot and Spicy" fried chicken, thinking it was just extra spices in their batter. Out came a buffalo sandwich which confused me, as it never said that. Actually pretty sure it worked out better because I tossed the buns to the side and with the sauce on the fried chicken too soon, all the fried part came right off pretty much with a simple scape of the fork, just left a chicken breast with some buffalo sauce on it. I ate half the cup of red beans (very little rice lol) and a bit of the green beans. Wasn't that hungry in the restaurant oddly enough so I just ordered the one meat, but all dinners came with two sides. Got a whole chicken breast (~9 oz) that just had some buffalo sauce and the equivalent of half tablespoon of butter I bet. Score.That sounds like something I'd make myself for a dinner.

7/22/13 1:55 P

The advertisement your posted has a phone number. You might call and ask about their pork, what pieces come with the order of chicken and/or food prep.

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7/22/13 12:30 P

I would get the pork, but that's just me :) A double chicken would be fine. The places here ask if you want dark or white meat, so I would expect them to do the same. If not, then just ask for 2 breasts.

At the bonfire, are you going to be bringing any food to cook or is it all provided? I would think that you would be able to bring exactly what you want and eat it - giving you more room at lunch.

You could also look at it the other way. Get only the chicken and some red beans and rice (maybe ask for only 1 serving and the rest to go since you get 3 sides) so you can enjoy the company at lunch and then be able to relax at the bonfire.

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7/22/13 12:22 P

Yeah, the fish is catfish and I'm assuming fried.

But, the entries for the fried chicken are a surprisingly amount leaner than anything I expected. Wondering if it might be better to go with a double chicken serving or something, especially if I can get breast meat only.

But now it comes down to a matter of lots of healthy animal fats from the pork, or less calories but coming from whatever the heck they bread the chicken with and vegetable oil... Double fried chicken and picking the meat out might actually be better than half pork in there? Let me have some more leniency at the bonfire later for the actual get together perhaps?

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7/22/13 11:54 A

My goto's at a BBQ place are lean brisket if they have it, turkey, and chicken. I stay away from pork and the smoked sausage and the chopped beef.

Sides - usually green beans, corn (if it's not creamed) pinto beans, cole slaw.

Ok, now I want BBQ. been craving it for a while.

7/22/13 11:54 A

Note that removing the breading isn't going to make the chicken any less fried. It will help you remove skin if they fried skin-on, but you'd still want to select an option for fried chicken, no skin. Just noting that it looks like you've already looked into that =0)

Well done on looking into a plan beforehand. When I'm eating at a local restaurant with no nutritional info, I try to track something that tends to be average on the tracker for a similar style box restaurant (not the highest, not the lowest)—unless it is obviously prepared toward one of the extremes. You might be off, but for one day, doing the best you can is perfectly fine!

You might try something like Bandanas for the BBQ meat (although they tend to be a sauce added later place . . . not sure I'm aware of chains that post nutritional info that are sauce on, but perhaps you can find that just by searching the tracker) and Popeyes for red beans and rice. I imagine the fried chicken option you've found will work fine.

BLBST36 Posts: 351
7/22/13 11:50 A

Heh - I'm not southern, I just live here :D

If I am eating a piece on the bone and can't weigh it, I just use the .5 breast, bone and skin removed. There is an option for that under the fried chicken breast option. I think most of the fat is in the skin or would be in the breading from the oil, but since you are removing the outer layer, I can believe it's lower than you would expect.

I forgot about the fish option. I would ask about that, but I am betting it is deep fried whitefish (cod) or catfish - at least that is what the one I frequent here has.

There is no such thing as a bit to high for bday celebration dinners! lol

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7/22/13 11:38 A

Thanks for all the helpful replies. Looks like all the pork roast options are the even fat to protein unfortunately, was just hoping for slightly leaner. For that amount, I'd love to eat a dang good steak instead haha. At least I can be decently accurate now with the pork shoulder, I was going to use a pulled pork entry that was about half the fat.

And that's what I'm hoping is the 1/4 chicken for the other of the meat. Staying away from the crunchy fried would mean I eat even less anyway. Honestly, the hardest part with eating right on the go is getting enough protein (without it being a total calorie bomb) so that I'm not hungry later or sore the next day since I didn't recover enough with the lifting.

Red beans and rice is what I was thinking for a decent side, then choosing one of the veggies and going easy if it tastes fattier than the meat. Haha, oh you southern people :) I'm not a fan of the taste of coleslaw anyway.

Oh, since ya'll are awesome, any idea what picking the meat out of fried chicken would equate to? Actually, I'm looking through the tracker now and quite a few of the entries for fried chicken breast are pretty lean. Like, way leaner than I'd thought.

(semi related: I forgot about her birthday dinner tonight, so the lunch I brought is some delicious leftover chicken I cooked with bacon on top of it and really good portobella mushroom cheese melted in. Healthy and home cooked, but a bit high in the fat for this kind of a dinner haha)

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7/22/13 11:06 A

I think the pork and chicken is a good choice. Might want to ask how much chicken it is. I know at my place, a small is 1/4 of a chicken :) They might not actually do the whole pig. Pulled is different than Chopped pork. They may only be using the butt/shoulder of the pig. I know whole pig is rare outside of NC. You might luck out there because then you don't have to worry about the skin. If it is that, there is a listing in the tracker for Pork Shoulder (pork butt, picnic roast). I think that is what I use when I go. It's not completely accurate, but it's as close as I can get - especially since I only eat it once in a blue moon.

If I wanted to get REALLY specific, I usually check out - It has more choices than the tracker here, but I usually just search for the meat itself. In this case: Pork

I agree that ribs would probably be worse than the two you chose.

Well, looking at the menu, the red beans and rice might be ok. I would ask how they cook the vegetables when you are ordering or before hand. They might do it different than here in NC. If I liked beans, I would do the red beans and rice and coleslaw (I can't have BBQ without some coleslaw!!).

I usually account for about a half a cup of the sides - I can usually find them in the tracker. You may also be able to ask for no sides of you are not going to eat them.

Hope this helps!

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7/22/13 11:04 A

I would do the smoked sausage or pulled pork. You can always ask if the fish is fried, if it is I would avoid it, but if it is smoked, I would go with that.

Like other people have suggested I would ask for the sauce on the side. That way you can control how much you use.

I would avoid the cornbread as much as you can, since you know you'll be having a dessert later. Also, be wary of anything that is a honey bbq, as it tends to have a higher sugar content.But other than that I would enjoy the food in moderation. Order the veggies as a side (but not the candied yams!) Any of the veggies are most likely either cooked in butter or oil, unfortunately, but they're better than mac and cheese or baked beans. The coleslaw might be alright, but it might have a lot of mayo in it.

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7/22/13 10:39 A

Ribs are one of the fatter cuts of meat on an animal (pig or cow or w/e). According to the google machine pulled pork comes from the pork butt usually (a pretty lean cut actually, learn something new every day). Ribs seem to be a higher fat content part of the pig period so you're probably better off with the pulled pork and chicken, or even the smoked sausage for that matter (since it won't have the bbq sauce on it).

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7/22/13 10:22 A

Couldn't find a menu for this small place the first time, but stumbled across it finally. This is a Southern style barbeque place way up here in wisconsin so I have no idea what it'll actually be like. When I think bornthern BBQ, I think like famous daves with all the honey bbq sauce. I have had legit SC bbq before and really like that with the vinegar based sauces. And yeah, witht he shaved pork being the whole pig, what would be an accurate protein to fat ratio be? Like 10g fat, 20 pro maybe? The tracker ranges from 4/26 to 24/12 with all sorts of different carb amounts due to the sauce

Anyway, here's the menu flyer

Tad depressing how it may be hard to get a veggie without getting an overabundance of added fat. If the small plate is only 4 oz chopped pork, like what I expected, I'll definitely be getting a large and then not eating the sides. Still curious about getting 1 serving pulled pork, and then fried chicken without eating the outside. Feasible perhaps? And would ribs better better or worse than either of the two meats I just mentioned?

BLBST36 Posts: 351
7/22/13 10:05 A

It really depends on the place. There are many different types of BBQ in the south. For example, where I am from, the ribs are smoked - no sauce. Chopped Pork is the whole pig, so I have to use the fattiest pork listing for it. But, they usually serve it in weigh portions, so that helps. There is a vinegar sauce on it when it comes out, but you can add stuff at the table. Other places, the pulled pork has sauce already on it.

As for sides - the only "safe" one I know if is boiled potatoes - oh and brunswick stew, but I don't like it, so I never get it. Always assume the vegetables are cooked with butter or bacon fat and sometimes lard. Again, this depends on the restaurant.

If they do anything smoked, I would go for that with the sauce on the side. I ALWAYS ask for sauce on the side wherever I go. Usually, the portion in the cups is MUCH smaller than what they pour on.

A menu link would be helpful for suggestions, if it exists. I know, down here, they can surprise you on the healthy meat options. Also, (maybe different there), but the portions are usually huge. A small plate (1 meat, 2 sides) is served with 4 ounces chopped pork. Something else for you to consider.

I hope I didn't make it worse :(

(PS - now I want BBQ!!)

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7/22/13 9:44 A

Dry rub anything will be better than something BBQ'd with sauce. It will probably have pit beef, pit pork, or pit chicken which is basically shaved slices from massive pieces of meat that were (basically) grilled. The pulled pork I've had at family places does tend to be a plate (or sandwich) of meat with sauce on the side, but the fat content is pretty high on the cuts of meat they tend to use I think.

Collard greens can be ok, but keep an eye on the salt content depending on how they dress them. That tends to be true on most Southern food sides, come to think of it. Have fun!

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7/22/13 9:22 A

I get so confused what the good options are at a Southern BBQ place, wondering if I could get some help? The tracker has so many ranging options for the different meats, I'm just wondering what a small, family owned type place would have. The meat options at these places is usually something like

BBQ ribs - how much sugary sauce is added, and the fat to protein ratio of ribs in the tracker ranges so much I have no idea what the ribs from a BBQ place ends up being when it lands on your plate
Hot wings- these are actually pretty basic
Fried chicken- if you don't eat the breading and just eat the meat, would that be a good option to order?
pulled pork- not a clue what the fat content is, and if it was cooked with BBQ sauce or you just get a plate of meat, which would be awesome. Probably what I'd go with I think
catfish- It's probably fried unfortunately

Place is 1 meat and 2 sides, or 2 meats and 3 sides. Definitely need the two meats. Last time I was at a place like this I got the green beans, and after eating them realized my lips had that glistening feeling. I'm pretty sure they were slow cooked in vegetable oil... But that was such a sketchy, low income place actually down south. Any things to watch out for in the list of ones that might be ok? Collard greens (I'm curious to try these), green beans, red beans and rice, and corn (portion size on these last two I know)

And the ones to definitively not get- BBQ baked beans, candied yams, mac n cheese, cornbread, fried okra, cole slaw

It's a girl's birthday so we're going there and a bonfire after so I'll definitely loosen up and have likely 2 dessert things (she loves baking) there so I want to at least do decent at the dinner. Kinda way overdid the ice cream this weekend with the heat and a bad state of mind :\

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