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5/5/13 3:10 P

thank you, I did come across that article in my searching & am I understanding that it doesn't change the nutritional value much if at all? sounds like I am going to have to check out Penzey's spices though! one of these days I want to get a spice rack, right now they are just all in my cupboard... or at least a lazy susan turner that I can spin :)

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5/5/13 12:07 P

KKRRISTIN here is an article about nutritional values of dried vs fresh herbs.

I am glad I am not the only one who loves Penzey's Spices. I do believe they are much better tasting and fresher than grocery store items. I should really write to them though and ask for more nutritional and ingredient info.


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Sharon from Florida

5/4/13 6:33 P

can someone tell me is the nutritional/health value change whether they are dried/fresh? like the stuff I buy at the store if its cheap is it lower quality? and I did buy an herb plant but its dieing. I need to watch videos on how to care for them and drying and storing herbs... I know places near me I can buy from rather than the grocery store... I would rather support them...
thank you for any more tips....

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5/3/13 11:38 A

if you are lucky enough to have a farmer's market close to you, that's a great place for fresh herbs & spices.

I don't have one close, but there is one a few towns away. When I am over that way, a farmer's market stop is part of the trip.

emoticon Actually I'll be over that way tomorrow for a charity walk/run. Thanks for the reminder that I can stop in after my run on Saturday!

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5/3/13 11:26 A

I know you said you know about Penzey's, but in my experience they have the best quality and consistently good across-the-board spices (outside of growing them yourself, and even then!). Ordering from Penzey's is one of my favorite "treats".

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5/3/13 11:16 A

What I don't grow myself I buy in bulk from my local co-op. It's much cheaper buying in bulk, you aren't paying for the bottle over and over, and especially if it's a spice you only use for one or two recipes, you can buy a small amount.

5/3/13 11:14 A

I find any sort of bulk food store always has a great selection. Bulk Barn in Canada for example has hundreds of spices, I can always find what my large grocery retailer might not have..... that way, you're also not committed to buying a large packet of it and not knowing if you'll like the spice / herb in question.

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5/3/13 9:54 A

Hi, Sparkers:

We grow some herbs on the deck, and I know about finding reasonably-priced herbs and spices at Trader Joe's and Penzeys Spices.

But are there other sources for herbs and spices that you like and would recommend?


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