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1/3/14 1:20 P

Sorry to hear that. I have been discouraged too-I have come back here a third time. I have a really bad hormone imbalance and thyroid issues and the weight goes down and comes back again.
FaithP44 has some really great advice. It may take longer to lose weight but you can do it!

FAITHP44 Posts: 8,408
1/3/14 1:05 P

Hi poet
So sorry you're having a difficult time.
I looked at your spark page and you want to be better and healthier for your kids. Things will get better - winter can be a difficult time if you're prone to depression - and I know winter can be difficult for me with asthma.
Why not stay with SP but lower your expectations a bit. For instance, aim to lose weight slowly so that you gradually develop a healthier lifestyle. It sounds as if you've been trying to be a bit all or nothing. It's taken me 3 years to lose 38 pounds - that's only a pound a month! But in the process I've also changed certain things in my lifestyle, especially the binge eating, so that hopefully I'll keep it off for ever.
God bless you, and I hope you find the solution that's right for you.

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1/3/14 4:51 A

I hope you stay or find a positive support system somewhere. I think it is very necessary to have positive encouragement and love flowing into your life at all times.

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1/3/14 4:09 A

Sorry you couldn't find the inspiration you need from SP, everyday is different, I hope you find what you are looking for emoticon

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1/3/14 1:14 A

Hi - I am really sorry that you are planning on leaving this site. It sounds to me like it is mostly the depression talking. I am very familiar with that, being a sufferer of it myself, and also a co-Moderator of the Dealing with Depression team.

One thing that comes to mind is this:
Are you on any medications for your Depression? They can have a two-fold effect. On the one hand they can help reduce/remove depression, but on the other they can create problems, and the main one is that people sometimes gain weight.

This doesn't mean that it is insurmountable. It just means that when this happens, you need to work a little harder. There are many MANY P.Meds out there, and I am more than sure that there will be one or a combination that will work well for you, and without any side-effects.

Therapy is also a very under-utilized treatment. It can be just as effective as medication, and in combination WITH medication, can be extremely helpful.

What I suggest you do is to make an appointment with your Dr and talk to him/her. If need be, your Dr will review meds, or prescribe some, and if you don't have a Therapist, he/she will be able to refer you to one.

The next thing I will address is your comment

'"I cant even get up to walk a mile and such i have to have a breather spray inhaler after one block because my depression and all makes me give up after i think im doing it. "

I have asthma too, and because the village I live in is regarded as a 'garden village', and also because I have skeletal issues which doesn't like the jolting/jarring of the outdoors, as well as some other factors, I don't often walk outside. I get the bulk of my walking done in my own house. I put my groceries and laundry away one at at time. It has worked wonderfully well. There are many ways of getting little snatches of exercise through-out the day. 5 minutes here, and 10 minutes there - it soon adds up and is a lot better than none.

The other thing regarding weight AND mental health is nutrition. Ensuring that you are eating very little to no processed carbs (cakes, ice-creams, sweets, sodas, etc.) and instead eating some fruit, veges (especially dark leafy greens) and lean meat helps not only our weight, but also our mental health.

I note that you have been a member for a considerable time. I also see that this is your first post. You will find that be being active on the message boards, you will get loads of support. You are a member of the Dealing with Depression Team. That would be a wonderful place for you to start. There are over 1 million members who have depression or depression-related conditions, and it is a very active team, so you will find loads of support there.

Good luck, and I really DO hope that you rethink you decision to leave!!!

BIG hugs,

POET20052002 Posts: 3
1/3/14 12:43 A

I am sorry but i am leaving the site, i lose the weight only to gain it all back and such. I cant even get up to walk a mile and such i have to have a breather spray inhaler after one block because my depression and all makes me give up after i think im doing it. I wish everyone great 2014 and be safe if u want to be friends my email is if not its fine

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