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2/12/13 9:24 P

When I started working my biceps out, I used 3 lb weights and then after 6 or so weeks, moved up to 5 lbs. in each arm.

From what I've read here on Spark and other sites, like Fitness, says that if you are sore, you should let it rest for 1 or 2 days. What happens when you work a muscle is that you make tiny tears in it and it needs time to repair itself. When it repairs, it is then stronger. If it still hurts badly, (more than just sore) in a couple days, I wouldn't work it until there is no more pain. Only you know if it is just sore or if it is a "real" pain. Use your judgement.

I would see a dr. if it doesn't get better in several days or so. Hope this helps. I hope you didn't injure yourself. God bless you!

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The time to stop is when you can no longer do another rep without assistance or change in form. I would recommend you hold off lifting until you are not sore since none of us are in a position to know if you did any damage to the muscle tissue. It's OK to only do 10 reps with good form, even if your program calls for 15. No training program is written in stone. Take care and I hope you feel better soon.

Coach Nancy

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2/12/13 7:16 P

During an upper body workout last week, I did alternating biceps curls. This is the first strength training with dumbbells I've done in a couple of years, so I'm way out of practice. The workout generator said to do 2 sets of 15. I used 10 pound weights and was careful with my form. On the second set it was hard to get to 15 reps. I had to assist my left arm with my right on the last lift. (A few years ago my personal trainer did the same thing to me, so I assumed this was OK.)

The next day my biceps were sore... I expected that. Since then, though, the biceps soreness went away and I've had pretty sore muscles on the inside of my arms just at/above the center of the elbow when I straighten them. It doesn't bother at all when they are bent. The left arm is more sore than the right.

Am I correct in assuming that I used too much weight? Do I need to wait until it isn't sore any longer before I try that exercise again? I obviously strained something other than the bicep. Any knowledgable advice is appreciated!

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