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ABRANDNEWME15 Posts: 3,071
5/4/11 3:25 P

It is definitely a sore type of pain. I have pulled my back before, and the pain doesn't compare to that. I just didn't want to continue with these videos if it could get worse.
Thank you so much for your replies!

JONESINATOR Posts: 1,837
5/4/11 3:12 P

Beth -

It could be either. Is the pain sharp during motion, or is it a dull, sore type of pain? The first is bad, the second is good/bad.

I injured my lower back and noticed a few things after it happened. First was that it was the sore type of pain and thus I used ice for 48 hours and heat after. Since you're passed 48 hours, use heat on the back.

Second, I'm not sure what motions are in this video which could cause lower back pain. Most injuries do occur when the muscles are overloaded or strained - they are tired and siphon off the tension and the strain moves to tendons, ligaments, bones, and other nearby muscles. That's when something gets pulled, so yes, your lower back was probably in a weakened state, "gave out" and shifted its responsibilities elsewhere.

Take time off - the lower back is super important. As for strenghtening it, moves should always be performed, in any exercise, with what we call a "braced core". This is when you breathe in before the strenuous part of the motion and kind of hold the abs, obliques, and back in a structured, tight manner while performing the move. If not, then the move isn't done correctly and the strain, again, finds it way to weaker places.

Then you are healed up and only then, try buddha squats - fold your arms across the other, feet shoulder width apart, and do full body squats. After a while, you should notice that your lower back is getting a great workout. You don't need weights in your hands or on your back to do these kinds of squats to help strenghten the lower back. And each should be performed with the braced core.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,551
5/4/11 3:09 P

It sounds like you could have pulled something (which is why it would have hurt today when you exercised). I'd let it rest for a few days, and if the pain continues or gets worse after that, you'll probably want to see your doctor just to be safe.

Coach Jen

ABRANDNEWME15 Posts: 3,071
5/4/11 1:34 P

I did a TurboFire video 2 nights ago and since then my lower back is very sore when I move. Not sure what causes this? Did I just work out muscles I probably haven't in awhile, or am I doing it wrong? Same with my bootcamp video I did today at lunch. when I'm trying to hold a position, my back always hurts.

So my question you think I am doing the exercises wrong, or do I need to strengthen my back muscles?

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