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JJ090688 Posts: 318
2/20/13 4:06 P

Thanks everybody for the feedback, I ended up going to the gym today as I am still so new to this "working out" deal that I decided I wasn't so sore that I needed to take a "day off." instead I informed my workout partners of the tenderness and just left those muscle groups alone and reduced the weight for any exercises that used them as secondary muscles.

I haven't felt a real increase in the soreness (it's been just over an hour) yet, in fact it seems less, and my overall mood has improved because this morning was pretty crappy and I think part of the soreness may have been in my mind thinking if I don't go to the gym at lunch I can go home and have a nap instead. I am now looking into ways to gently stretch out the affected muscles and patting myself on the back a bit lightly for realizing I was looking for a way to escape the gym and fall into bad habits once again. I have to start looking to exercise as a pick me up instead of a nap for an escape.

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DMJAKES Posts: 1,634
2/20/13 3:47 P

Personally, I'd skip it, especially since you mention you're sore only on one side. I have found that if I try to do a workout with anything more than slight soreness, my workout just isn't what it should be and my strength and endurance are both limited. It's your call, but skipping a single workout to allow for more healing certainly won't hurt you.

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2/20/13 2:34 P

I say it depends. There is a difference between sore and pain. Pain, yes, take it easy, don't play through it, etc, etc. Sore is different. Soreness can limit mobility a bit, but usually after a couple of minutes of exercise, the soreness subsides. In fact, activity can be good short term relief from DOMS.

Working the exact same group of muscles in the exact same way back to back is generally ill advised regardless of soreness. Soreness isn't really much of an indication of anything, really, and I wouldn't treat it as such.

So the question to me becomes, should I work the same muscle groups 2 days in a row? No, probably not. What's going to happen if you do this one time, probably not much. What's going to happen if you skip it one time, probably not much.

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2/20/13 1:11 P

I agree. While still experiencing that "ooo, I worked hard yesterday" feeling, you should rest up and wait until it's gone before working those muscles again.

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2/20/13 12:21 P

Never "push through the pain." If you're sore, that indicates you need to rest. Working the same muscle group two days in a row is a recipe for injury at worst, and at best, results in less effective workouts.

I'd say skip it and make up for it later. ;) Rest is how we get stronger!

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JJ090688 Posts: 318
2/20/13 11:56 A

Yesterday, a rest day from my exercise group, I decided to try a new yoga dvd that my fiance had bought me a few weeks ago. It was a little bit more intense than i had expected and today my bicep and upper chest muscle are quite sore on my right side. At lunch I am supposed to go for our weekly strength training day with my exercise group, and today it just happens to be upper body work out...Should I skip todays workout and hope I can go myself and make up for it tommorrow, or go and hope I don't injure myself? Any ideas anybody?

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