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7/19/12 9:24 P

I work out inside under my ceiling fan. I still sweat though. I do cardio interval training, so I would be sweating no matter what. Definitely too hot to do anything outside other than what I absolutely have to.

BLWOODMANSEE SparkPoints: (4,484)
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7/19/12 12:21 P

It has been really hot here. I'm glad for the treadmill. Its been to hot to go outside once I get home. When it cools off I go feed the horses and not to much more outside. I only have a few hours once I get home. So I try to plan out what needs done for the day. I try to get most of my work out done when its cool

MOONLADYMIO SparkPoints: (4,042)
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7/19/12 11:54 A

I am a landlord - I am obligated to my tenants to make sure that all of the equipment is working, especially air conditioning or heating. Do not feel it is "nasty" or rude to ask your landlord to fix equipment unless it is stated in your lease that it is the tenant's responsibility for its upkeep. You have the right under tenant statutes to request in writing that the landlord fixes the A/C - in my town, the landlord has 11 days in which to fix a problem. If the landlord doesn't fix it, you might be eligible for a rent reduction. I would check with your local tenant union.

SKB329 SparkPoints: (77,700)
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7/19/12 9:01 A

I am fortunate to have a window a/c, so I have been doing floor exercises and lifting weights. I don't tolerate the heat and humidity well and haven't walked outside for weeks due to the temperatures. Not getting the sun and fresh air affects my mood so I have to just hang in there and hope for a cool spell. Friends walk in the mall, so that is an option too.

4ME2WIN Posts: 192
7/18/12 5:53 P

I attend classes at the local community college, so I have been walking while there every day. But, that might have to stop. I was in the hospital last night for five or six hours. The heat triggered a migraine which made me sick to my stomach. That caused me to get dehydrated and my daughter came home from visiting with friends yesterday evening and I was "passed out" on the couch. She tried cooling me off and she tried talking with me, but I guess I wasn't making any sense. She called the ambulance and they rushed me to the hospital. The emergency room doctor said it was the migraine that "did me in", but I know that this excessive heat is what caused the migraine.
My landlord has been telling me he couldn't afford to fix the a/c right now, but his wife was at my house last night when the ambulance came and she found someone to come this evening to work on the a/c to make it work. I can't wait for this air!! All of my neighbors are upset because the landlord should not have done this. We have been in heat advisory since the day the a/c broke which was two weeks ago. Most of my neighbors have suggested that I send the hospital and ambulance bill to the landlord for him to pay. I don't think I could be that nasty, no matter how nasty he has been to me.

MEARLY3 Posts: 16
7/18/12 1:44 P

I agree -- wlaking earlier or later in the day is a good choice. Leslie's videos (DVDs) are AWESOME. I was really motivated earlier on in my journey for weight loss and used them when it was too cold outside .. I really should apply this same theory to the heat as well..

Keep faith, keep strong and keep going!! you can do it.. (And so can I!!!)

CMCBRIDE37 Posts: 60
7/18/12 11:48 A

I am walking first thing in the morning or late in the evening and just tolerating the heat (drinking water as I walk helps).

I have a yoga dvd but I haven't used it yet but keep thinking that I should on days that it thunderstorms or is just too hot.

I used to have some Leslie Sansone Walk away the pounds videos but they were on tape and we no longer have a tape player. I need to get some of her new ones on DVD for rainy days. One thing you can do is check your library and see what they have and try them out for a few weeks before you buy.

Good luck.

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7/18/12 8:19 A

ugh, it is so hot here in Iowa.........what are you all doing for exercise during these hot months?? I want to walk, but the heat just saps me of any motivation!

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