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JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
8/1/13 8:56 A

It doesn't happen that often with me, but it does happen. I just try to verfiy that I am indeed hungry and eat something nutrient rich and healthy. THen I go ahead. I don't worry about the total calorie intake, unless it was excessive, but more of a cumulative weekly range.

ACHIEVE2012 SparkPoints: (5,176)
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7/31/13 11:33 P

Have you noticed any pattern to this? Does it happen at a certain time in the monthly cycle? It is common for appetite to increase closer to TOM.

There could be many other variables...
1. exercising too much
2. restricting amount of food you eat so suddenly the body wants more
3. Not sleeping well
4. Changes in stress levels
5. If there are any nutrient deficiencies, the body tries to get more food to get over those deficiencies.

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
7/31/13 6:21 P

I call those "hungry days". Yes, it happens enough that I have a name for it!

However, I will say that since I started tracking and focusing on getting the proper amount of calories and nutrients it hardly happens anymore, and if it does happen I can usually identify that I didn't eat enough calories/protein the day before or ate too many empty calories like chips or cake - and now my body is trying to make up the difference!

I would recommend using the note section of your food tracker, and keep track of how you feel. You may start to notice patterns and will make smarter food choices that have a positive effect on your body.

SLASALLE SparkPoints: (267,090)
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7/31/13 6:08 P

I think that's totally normal. I have the same thing happen. Depends on many variables - is it hot or cold out, how much I've been exercising, how long since I last ate a meal or snack, have I been sleeping normally, etc.

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,972)
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7/31/13 5:35 P

What's normal?
How much do you exercise?
Are more active than usual leading up to this?

I started feeling like that and discovered I was under eating for my activity level.

KDRICH24 Posts: 267
7/31/13 4:56 P

times I'm so hungry I could eat twice as much as normal... Anyone else have that?

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