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11/27/13 11:14 P

Thanks for the replies and suggestions.

I wish creating something similar to the SF site would be an option, but there are so many people that post before going into treatment, during recovery, and the suicide posts.

Offering 24/7 online mental health support would take too much of a toll on our own recovery.

Hopefully, we will find a solution soon. I am so glad that Sparks is still here.

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11/24/13 2:37 P

Sorry to hear the other site had to make some changes that are causing members strife. We know from our work here that a strong community of supportive members help support and encourage others much more than we moderators ever could. Hopefully the strong community of people desiring recovery will help those that are struggling. We have a Recovering from Eating Disorders SparkTeam that can be a helpful resource for you as well.

Coach Tanya

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11/24/13 10:03 A

Just a question, have the members thought about banding together and creating your own board?

I'd a friend, years ago, who had problems with a board and new moderators. She contacted other members who were dissatisfied as well, and announced she was creating her own board, with new mods and we were free to join.

I believe she used Vbulletin to create the new board. I don't know if Vbulletin is still around, this was about 5 years ago....

If it gets bad there, or you are unsatisfied, it's another option for you guys to think about.

Good luck.

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11/24/13 9:26 A


I've been in recovery for an eating disorder for years and I am member of both Something Fishy site and Sparks People.

I use Spark People to get sound nutritional information and Something Fishy for daily support.

Something Fishy is board like Sparks People but we are not allowed to talk about numbers, weight, or food. It use to be moderated by paid moderators and a very safe place.

There is no other place on the net that was as safe as Something Fishy. There are tons of recovery eating disorder support sites, but they are not moderated by trained full time professionals like Something Fishy was once.

Bottom line: A company called CRC took over Something Fishy and let go of the paid moderators and the volunteer mods step down.

The start of a very stressful holiday season for people who suffer from mental illness is about to begin and we were not given a smooth transition.

Essential the most sound eating disorder recovery website is without reliable mods. Eating disorders sufferers have the highest mortality rates of all mental illness and high comorbidity rates of self-harm etc.

Our community is asking for help in awareness to this problem and a possible solution to this situation. Also, please take care of your family members who use this site as a form of daily support.

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