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ETHNE28 Posts: 520
2/1/13 5:54 P

enlarge a photo of yourself at heaviest and paste that thing on fridge in your dressing closet on auto whatever it takes to remind yourself you wont go back. try the Beck Solution!

2/1/13 2:05 P

Thank you so much! Sometimes I think I am just watching myself go down and I don't care. No reason, just have to jump back up I guess! Thanks again and I will keep on trucking to get the weight back off. I wasn't even at my goal weight and that was a bummer. Oh well, lets get it together.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
2/1/13 1:30 P

Nope no emoticon for a kick in the pants. Consider yourself kicked.

everyone needs a reminder every now and then. Keep the reason that you want to get healthy in the forefront of your mind.

2/1/13 1:24 P

My word! I have kept my weight off for over a year and starting around Christmas the weight started creeping up. I watched it go up and up...and my pants get tighter and tighter till now, BAM! I can't breathe! UGH! Don't want to weigh myself because I have been to the doctor in between and did not like what I saw so I knew I had an extra ten pounds in there, and I am sure more by now! I know it wasn't just the holidays. I have had a nasty separation and restraining order and child custody and colds and bronchitis and moving and JEEZ MON! EXCUSE AFTER EXCUSE! I think I just need someone to girl, get off of your butt and stop eating crap and do something! You don't like being heavy, you are not happy like that, so what are you going to do, sit there and complain or do something about it? Grrr...think I will go for a walk, LOL.

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