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12/25/12 10:53 P

I bought a water cooler the cost to get it set up is the hardest part but then 5 gallon jugs are only like 1 dollar WELL worth it I also drink about a gallon a day CHEERS
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12/23/12 8:04 P

I just want to thank ARCHIMEDSII, BRITOMART, ONDIET25 for your suggestions it has been very helpful I will purchase next week it will save on me on getting bottles of water I want to wish one of you an and your family an very Merry Christmas. emoticon

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12/23/12 2:44 P

try these

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12/23/12 1:15 P

I use a Brita pitcher, buy the filters at Costco, and the overall cost is a tiny fraction of bottled, with no guilt over throwing all the plastic into the landfill. I like the taste better than bottled, too.

Bought two stainless steel bottles (they don't break...) and alternate them when I go out. The bottles came with clip-on hooks, so I attach it to my bag. hands-free water carrying.


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12/23/12 7:05 A


You might consider buying a Brita filter for your kitchen sink. A filter can help improve the taste of tap water. It would certainly help save you on the cost of bottled water. You could even try adding a squeeze of lime or lemon juice to help with the taste too. Bottled water is not cheap. So, drinking tap water would help you save money.

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12/23/12 12:55 A

Thank you Coach Nancy for your advice.

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12/22/12 11:30 P


While drinking water is fine, be careful that you don't drink too much! You only need to drink to thirst--You gain no benefits from drinking more water than what your body needs, but you may skew your body's electrolytes which could adversely affect your health.

Coach Nancy

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12/22/12 10:49 P

It taste bad.

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12/22/12 10:33 P

what's wrong with tap water?

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12/22/12 8:40 P

Hi!! Everyone I been drinking an lot of water but I been drinking bottles of water and they go real quick when you drink 100 oz an day and it is getting very expensive and very hard to get from the car to my apartment because I am partically disabled so I wonder I can you get good tasting drinking water without buying bottles of water at the store do some of you drink from your home or do you use filter water for drinking water any suggestions would be appreciate.

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