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BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
9/7/13 9:41 P

Try changing your foods with the seasons. Stir fries are nice light summery fare. Now that the weather is turning - make a big pan of roasted veg instead. Cook up a butternut squash. Make a pot of thick lentil soup.

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9/7/13 5:01 P

You could always bulk cook a couple different meals and freeze them in single-serve containers. That way when you are stuck, or want a change, you can just grab and eat (saves time and money doing this, too :-)


9/7/13 9:55 A

thanks a lot every one.
I make a lot of chicken too. I think I just needed to realize that we all are on the same page.
I am eating stir fry's, brown rice, oatmeal pancakes etc.
You know at times, how one feels bored?
Thanks --great tips and I am going to follow them.

Love Sp

KCLARK89 SparkPoints: (44,164)
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9/7/13 8:48 A

I do a lot of chicken, ground turkey, or even the lean low-sodium nitrate-free deli turkey/ham. Scrambled eggs or omelets with fresh veggies are always delicious too. If I have a ton of veggies that need used, I'll make a big crock pot recipe and then portion it out and freeze the rest.

Also, buy things like brown rice and lentils (which I just tried about a week ago; YUM!) and make a big batch of them so you always have that on hand to eat with your protein. One of my favorites with that is brown rice or lentils with sweet potato. Lots of options!

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9/7/13 1:06 A

For meats, I eat a lot of tilapita filets, salmon filets, and chicken breasts. Sometimes, I'll use canned tuna with some lite mayo and relish and make tuna salad to eat by itself or on a bagel thin.

I use bagel thins and tortillas A LOT! With bagel thins, you can make a breakfast sandwich with egg, a tuna salad sandwich, use it like a normal bagel and put cream cheese or PB on it...a million things. I like to use tortillas to make breakfast burritos with egg and salsa, or chicken wraps or chicken fajitas. I find the bagel thins and tortillas very versatile because I can always find something to put on/in them in my cupboard or refrigerator.

I also tend to eat Greek yogurt a lot. I eat it by itself, as sour cream on a sweet potato, or in the blender with whatever fresh fruit I have on hand. It's an easy way to use up your produce before it goes too bad!

I have vegetables with my tilapia or salmon for dinner almost every day. I have a sweet potato, asparagus, brussel sprouts, or broccoli. Sometimes I saute zucchini, squash, and mushrooms and have them as a side or use them as part of a chicken fajita.

A quick snack I always like is pistachios. I buy the big bag at Walmart and measure it out into 1/2 cup serving sizes into individual baggies right when I get home from the store. Then, whenever I want some, I just grab one of the bags and know that I'm having exactly one serving--easier to track and I don't worry about over eating!

Those are all my basic go-to meals right off the top of my head.

IMLOCOLINDA Posts: 19,052
9/7/13 12:09 A

One of my favorite go-to quick meals is to get a package of tri-colored peppers at Wal-Mart-it should contain a red, yellow and orange bell pepper. Runs about $3.50. Cut the peppers in half and then into strips. Cut an onion-whatever you like, yellow, white or red into strips approximately the same size as the pepper strips. Mix together.

Heat some oil-olive or whatever you have and throw in a bit of minced garlic, the peppers and sauté until crisp tender. I sprinkle them with a carribean blend of spices and a squeeze of lime juice. If I'm in a hurry I use bottled lime juice, if not I just grate some of the zest from the lime into the pan and then squeeze in the juice.

It's so versatile. You can throw in chicken or pork before the peppers and cook that first or throw in already cooked chicken or whatever if you're a meat eater. You can make it as spicy as you want. Sometimes I throw in cooked linguine and have a pasta dish, sometimes over rice...but since I'm doing low carb right now I usually just eat the pepper and onion mixture as a veggie dish. I only cook what I want to eat and store the rest of the pepper/onion mix in a ziptop in the frig. You can use green peppers instead but the colors are so pretty. I love to cook but would encourage you to go to the library and sit down with some cookbooks-they usually have a great selection of all kinds-and just look through them and copy down recipes that match your skill level and your taste and fit into your plan. Think of it as research for the most important thing in your life....YOU!!

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (244,271)
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9/6/13 9:42 P

Choose a variety of fruits - pears, oranges, bananas, apples, and any other local in-season fruits. Go for a variety of colour, and have them with your meal, or as a snack.

Choose a variety of veges, too. Again think of different colours. Little Cherry Tomatoes are good for popping in your mouth for a quick snack, celery with peanut butter or cottage cheese, a few different nuts and/or seeds are also great for snacks. I have a variety and have what I fancy when I have them.

Use a good quality whole-grain bread. Have it with a hard boiled egg for a wholesome snack, or as the base of a sandwich or toast.

Change your breakfast around. Use a variety of healthy cereals/grains. I usually use Rolled Oats, sometimes with some Almond Meal and Dates, or mainly with a tiny bit of brown sugar sprinkled.

I sometimes make couscous with chopped up dates, ground cinnamon and some Almond Meal. I use milk instead of water, and zap it in the microwave. It is good for a quick lunch. I often finish with a piece of apple or pear. You can use any dried fruit in place of dates - prunes or apricots are particularly good. I sometimes put some citrus zest in it as well to give it yet another taste.

I also use couscous and add some tuna in springwater (drained) and lemon pepper and chopped parsley.

There are loads of things you will be able to think of - just experiment.


CHEETARA79 SparkPoints: (106,469)
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9/6/13 12:11 P

Avocado and banana on toast

9/6/13 11:56 A

chicken chunks stir fried with mushroom and onions... cook some cauliflower, kale, bok choy and add to stir fry add broccoli , add classico alfredo sauce.. enjoy

9/6/13 11:28 A

I have been eating almost the same food every other day.
Do you think, you could please help me with some spark recipes, or food ideas?

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