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Just to be clear, a heart rate monitor will NOT produce accurate calorie estimates for strength training.

HRM's work by measuring how hard your heart is working to deliver oxygen to your muscles. HRM's are calibrated for cardio activity, where your muscles are working aerobically (with oxygen). But with ST, your muscles are working anaerobically (without oxygen), so HRM's will not produce accurate results for calories burned while strength training.


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4/26/14 1:19 P

You'd have to know how many calories you're burning, either through a heart rate monitor if it's a cardio activity, or by using a similar exercise in the tracker to give you a ballpark estimate.

Coach Jen

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4/26/14 12:16 P

How do I calculate calories from exercises I add myself?

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4/26/14 6:33 A

If you are regularly doing an exercise that isn't listed, you can create it as a favorite within the fitness tracker, so that you can re-enter it easily in subsequent workouts. This should allow you to track reps and weight.

Also, strength training doesn't burn a whole lot of calories directly in the same way that cardio does. Instead, the main benefits of ST are indirect, in that it helps preserve muscle and ensure that more of your weight oss comes from fat alone. ST also helps your body burn more calories throughout the day, not just when you are working out. I wouldn't be too worried about tracking calories from ST, as the number will not be huge anyway.


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4/24/14 7:21 P

There are thousands of different strength training exercises, so you'll always be able to find lots that aren't on our site. I think you could manually enter your exercises, or you use one of the general "strength training" entries to track your calories burned.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

4/24/14 2:38 P

I've noticed that a lot of exercises aren't listed as choices when I go to add them to my tracker. For example, Scarecrows (where you form a goal post with arms, so elbows are out to sides at shoulder level, forearms pointed toward ceiling, palms facing forward, with or without dumbells, and you rotate your foreams down and up. Great for your rotator cuff) aren't listed and I can't find a similar exercise. Also, Mountain Climbers aren't listed, either. There are others, as well, that don't seem to be anywhere on here. I was just wondering what you guy think I should do. Should I just manually enter the data? And if so, is there a website that will let me know how many calories I burned so I can properly enter the exercises? Most of what I want is just to know what I did each day so that I know if I am improving (like, oh, I did 10 Scarecrows 2 weeks ago, now I can do 15.) But it would also be nice if I knew the calories, like on the Mountain Climbers. I guess I don't understand why so many exercises aren't even on this site. It confuses me.

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