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Soft food, future liquid diet ahead - ???

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3/8/13 5:33 A

You can still eat all that you used to/want to. Try making smoothies, or pureeing up your veges. That way you won't be dipping out on your fibre, etc. Use Minced Meat (ground beef/turkey etc.) for your meat protein. Make thick, pureed soups with meat, veges and lentils. Poached eggs don't need chewing. I actually quite enjoy 'popping' the yolk in my mouth and it slides down. You will probably find the for a few days rather than having 3 meals and couple snacks, you might prefer 5-6 larger snacks or 4-5 smaller meals.


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3/8/13 3:57 A

I actually don't have any of the discomfort I had been warned about. My teeth just don't meet. I can force them to, but then I would break at least 4 brackets. The orthodontist said if that happens (if I can't work around it with super soft food), they can build up my molars artificially, but the downsides to that out-weigh the benefit (at least at the moment).

I'm going to check out the various shakes and see if it comes down to it, if I can use those to fill in the gaps.

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3/7/13 9:27 P

The OrthoD gave my kids sugarless Trident everytime he adjusted or put on new wires. What a difference it made in how well they managed the discomforts of having braces.

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3/7/13 8:10 P

Your best bet would be to ask your surgeon; As for a referral to a registered dietician who can design an eating plan around your needs. That really sucks! You can definitely make some great protein shakes using protein powders that you don't have to chew.

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3/7/13 6:37 P

I just got braces (again after having them 30+ years ago). The brackets touch so I can't chew anything. I had not planned for this. Some discmort, but not the inability to chew. I'm prepping for jaw surgery in about 9-12 months. I'll be wired shut then. I am guessing the surgeon has some plan for that. In the mean time, I can't chew. I seem to be having trouble with protein, or rather the lack of. ANd fiber looks like it is going to be an issue too. This could be a problem for a couple weeks. If anyone has recomendations for how to pull off fiber/protien without being able to chew, I'd be grateful.

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