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General guidelines say we should take in fewer than 2300 mgs. However, most cardiologist want their patients to keep it below 1500 mgs; If you track your food, you will see it is very difficult to stay within the range if you eat any processed foods. Salt if very high in all processed foods even things like soup, tomato juice, and most everything. Try to buy low sodium alternatives. Check the package to see how much sodium is in each thing you buy and you will see how fast it adds up! Also, all restaurant is very high in sodium. If you check some of the restaurant web sites, you will see at many restaurants one entrée will contain over 1000 mgs of salt. Even if you never add salt to anything it is very difficult to stay within the recommended range.

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12/27/11 2:22 P

Can any1 tell me how many mg of sodium I should look for when buying my food? What is too high?

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