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1/11/14 12:49 P

Thanks Russell... I wasn't sure of that last step!
By the Way---a hearty Congrats on losing almost ONE HALF of your starting body weight!! WOW!!!

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
1/11/14 11:48 A

To see the sodium in past days, you will need to click on each day, and it will reset.. after you add sodium to nutrients tracked. Otherwise it will just show a " - " .

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1/11/14 1:41 A

Look on the bottom right of your Nutrition Tracker page for a Button/box that says "Change Nutrition Goals" It will bring up a page where you can see what you are tracking, and have an option to choose more Nutrition Goals to track....(look a the bottom of your list....).

The data for what you have already tracked recently will also be available I believe....!

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1/11/14 12:36 A

Yes indeed! It's a regular part of the nutrition tracker here.

1/10/14 11:58 P

Due to high blood pressure my doctor would like me to track Sodium intake. Is there a way to track on sparkpeople. Thank you :)

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