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3/5/14 2:08 P

I drink a lot of flavored fizzy water (12 oz/day, sometimes 24), and yes, it counts toward your water intake. (It is water, after all.) I don't drink the sweetened ones because I don't like artificial sweeteners, and still think they taste great. I agree that sometimes carbonation just hits the spot.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,126
3/5/14 1:05 P

I'd say it counts toward your water, and I'd also agree that you have to read the labels. Flavored waters come in sugar or no sugar or artificial sweeteners or not, and may or may not have other things added, that you don't necessarily want in your diet. If you're unsure what an added ingredient is, google it. Sometimes things with chemical-sounding names, are really just something simple like citric acid or some other flavoring, but they use a more scientific designation for it and it sounds bad.

JAMIRBLAZE Posts: 1,431
3/5/14 12:35 P

The flavored waters still usually have some sort of processed artificial sweetener, artificial flavors and sodium which is mainly what most people don't like regarding soda - check your labels. You may be better off using plain soda water and infusing it with fruit, though check sodium on the soda water if that is a concern for you.

Yes, they could count towards your water - almost all liquid is hydrating. As I tend towards dehydration, I personally don't count anything that I drink but plain water, but that's what works for me.

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3/5/14 12:20 P

As a life-long soda addict, I can honestly say that withdrawals are rough. Years ago, I switched from regular to diet soda, but I still had a liter a day habit.

It's been three days since I had a soda, diet or otherwise and I want one so bad I can taste it. I've replaced soda with water and 100% juice, though I often forget to track my water, but I guess there's just something about that feel of carbonation against your tongue.

Now, what I want to ask.... are those low/zero calorie flavored sparkling waters basically the same thing as a soda? Or is it better for me? Would it count towards my water? I tried the Fruit Water last week and it tasted pretty good.

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