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8/7/12 1:57 P


I'm glad that you've had something to eat and feel better. Did you happen to have breakfast this morning ? If not, a good breakfast helps fuel our daily activities. Studies have shown that people who eat breakfast lose more weight than those who don't. So, do try to eat a nourishing breakfast in the morning. That too should help reduce any fatigue you feel later. Because when a person if fatigued, they may turn to something sweet for that quick energy rush.

Do you have any fruit ? I find that fresh fruit makes a great mid morning pick me up. the natural sweetness of the fruit should help give you an energy boost as well as decrease any cravings for refined sugar.

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8/7/12 1:50 P

Hello, thanks for your replies.

I've had dinner now so the cravings have passed. It makes sense about being tired and the sugar cravings, a bodies quick fix.

Thinking about what i've changed in the last week is much less exercise, this usually makes me sluggish. So i'll forgo the nap and go for a walk instead.

Thanks again =]

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8/7/12 1:06 P


When our bodies are tired, we tend to crave sugar. When we are overly tired and sleep deprived, we tend to overeat, because our bodies confuse being overly-tired with being overly-hungry. Studies have shown that people who get less than 4 hours of sleep a night will become overweight.

I will reach for fruit if I want something sweet. Or I try to add something "good" to something "bad." Last night, I had a chocolate craving, so I got one of those snack size Jello chocolate pudding cups and added some sliced banana in a bowl and mixed it. I will do the same with sliced fruit and Greek yogurt.

Would you be able to take a nap? Or even a short cat nap for 10 or 15 minutes? When our bodies get that exhausted, it's probably best to just get some rest and not feel guilty about it. Our bodies always know what we need, and I try to always listen to my body when it is telling me something, whether hungry or tired.

Hope you feel better soon!

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8/7/12 1:01 P

why not have a nap instead?
the sugar crash will only make you feel worse.

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8/7/12 12:58 P

You've got my sympathy, lots of it!

Now...why are you so tired? Have you changed out something you are used to doing/eating? Any change in exercise or diet can make you tired. If you are craving sugar, maybe you are actually missing a nutrient. More information, please! then folks can do more than sympathize, maybe.

If you posted your food/exercise trackers, then some of the more experienced SP-ers could share their insights.

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8/7/12 12:44 P

I feel absolutely exhausted. All i want to do is eat a massive bowl of super sugary cereal and the way i'm feeling it's shocking i've gone this long without giving in.

Need some support to get past this setback.

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