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2/9/12 6:17 P

So funny. I also get hungry at night due to the fast food commercials. Better to watch DVR so I can fast forward.

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FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
2/9/12 3:26 P

yep time to remove it

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2/9/12 1:16 P

lol The way you told that was funny...good idea to remove coupons with food ,but thanks for the laugh and may you and I become stronger, have more will power. Have a great day!

2/9/12 1:05 P

Many of the local shops are used to weird diets, here next to Berkeley and San Francisco.
Ordering a triple veggie extra red sauce no cheese doesn't get an eyelash bat.

But yes, get off the coupon emails, text alerts and everything else.

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FEDGIRL4 Posts: 2,113
2/9/12 1:01 P

We rarely get pizza from the big chain places. The Mom and Pop are so much better in quality.

Plus we have our own pizza place.

That being said, eventhough I have curbed my pizza eating considerably, I need to do it more.

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2/9/12 12:21 P

Done and done! it is so easy to fall back

2/9/12 12:08 P

yikes...I would definitely cancel the email subscriptions asap!

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2/9/12 11:44 A

So I'm minding my business pretending to do Uni work in the Library when my iphone vibrates, email;

Sizesomething, better pizza, better deals with 25% off (with a f**k this weightloss plan, I'm ordering pizza worth image of well a pizza -chicken, cheese, mushrooms, CRUST-)

Thanks Papa Johns, after my back slide the other week(large Pizza Hut, Dominoes, Papa johns in two consecutive soul chartering paininly delicious days) which subsequently forced me to get my act together and Do something this was exactly what i needed. Next order of business stop email notifications from my enablers.

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