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7/10/12 8:48 A

You don't have much to lose, so perhaps focus on tracking your food and getting within as many of your ranges as you can every day. If you get enough fiber and protein, you may find yourself satisfied enough to concentrate on other things besides food. As the quality of your nutrition goes up, your body will respond to that and relax. You will learn a LOT from tracking your food, but you'll got to be willing to own your mistakes, track them, and then move on.

Before you eat, stop and think....are you bored, stressed, anxious? Try going for a walk around the block or cleaning out a junk drawer and see if it passes. Sometimes we confuse hunger and thirst....try drinking a big glass of water and then wait 20 minutes. I find that if I really focus on how I feel for just a minute, I can usually talk myself out of eating something I'll regret later.

If you improve your diet, get some exercise, and still can't shake those feelings, it may be time for a checkup. It could be a medical condition that needs treatment.

7/10/12 8:46 A

I'm only 5' so 147 lbs looks bad on me when my ideal weight should be between 120 - 125 lbs. At the moment, my will power is so lacking and trying to get a grip on that is like going to battle against a dragon!!!! lol.

Anyone know of simple, easy to make, healthy (n tasty!) casseroles or roast that can be made in a jiffy that's satisfying?

It always seems as if i'm not satisfying my tastebuds and then go looking for 'something else' and that ends up wit me over eating! Sigh ......

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7/10/12 6:23 A

As I don't know your height, your weight, currently doesn't look HORRIBLE.
Perhaps you're being too hard on yourself, and looking at yourself entirely negatively, which, in turn, makes you turn to food for comfort?

(not trying to be a back seat physiologist)

I found that when I made an effort to eliminate everything I deemed as "bad", then I focused on food. Not only that - if I didn't eat enough; I focused on food. You need a good balance of calories and nutrition, and a mind set that there are no "good" or "bad" foods, per se; just quantities and better choices could be made.

I wish you well in your healthy journey (not a short sprint to weight loss, but a lifestyle of healthy choices)

ETA: perhaps you are short-changing yourself on the nutritional components, because you're looking after your little one, and ignoring your own health? Just a thought.

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7/9/12 10:41 P

Oooooo I wouldn't wana go that far Pam lol

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7/9/12 9:37 P

I always have said... why do we always have to think about food.. even trying to eat healthy.. food food food.. when where what.. wish we didnt have to

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7/9/12 9:30 P

I have the same problem! What I've done is a reward system. My reward is a desert that's not really bad for me. Like two macaroon about 140 calories, or an ice cream bar at around 120. If I feel I've done a good job that day and I'm craving something between 7 and 9 I reward myself with a sweet. I just have to remind myself that if I "behave" during the day, I get a special reward at night!

Also, when I start to think about food I either drink water, because they say a lot of times we eat because we're bored or we haven't had enough water. Or, I chew gum! Gum always works for me :)

Good luck! emoticon

7/9/12 8:06 P

No joke, red alert for me. I'm heavier than i've ever been! Help! Why am i always thinking bout food. I'm sure its not a medical condition but just being greedy! What do i do???? I'm over eating but how do i eat normal healthy meals and honestly feel full and satisfied? I need to bring my weight down to 120 lbs. Pls help.

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