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So confused

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Posts: 350
11/15/11 4:22 P

When I started concentrating on weight lifting to build muscle I noticed about 4 or 5 weeks into it my metabolism sped up. Muscle mass really helps.

I also continued to walk, but of course calories really do count. If you are eating too many calories you WILL gain weight.

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Posts: 155
11/15/11 2:32 P

I have tried every diet there is. The best thing is to watch your intake of salt, drink plenty of water, and add as many vegetables and fruits as you can stand. Lower the amount of carbs but don't eliminate them. I need to lose 20 pounds also. Best of luck.

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Fitness Minutes: (175)
Posts: 1
11/15/11 1:21 P

I tried weight watchers (the old point system) was always hungry. Just got done trying Atkins. Lost 10 pounds. But as soon as I started adding a few carbs (and I mean just a few) I started gaining again. I treadmill for 40 min 3 times a week. Active with walking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing. LOVE to eat healthy. I have 20 pounds I want to lose. I am going to start keeping track daily of what I eat. I guess the only thing I haven't tried is to really watch calorie intake. If anyone has some advice or suggestions I am all ears. I do the treadmill after supper. I find if I do it first thing in the morning I am hungry all day and I eat!

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