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1/3/14 10:57 A

Once a month I weigh myself and take my measurements I stay off the scale because I too would get discouraged! So I do it once a month set a little goal and have a reward if I reached my goal this month is 2lbs a week and if I loose 8lbs this month I get to have my eyebrows waxed :P Little goals fun rewards :) I do goals that make me feel better about myself raise my self esteem like hair cut dye message waxing session but new hair accessory or makeup etc! Just makes it fun for me ad helps me to stay motivated I hope this helps! hang in there and way to go :) I am doing a 90day workout that I have seen the difference in how many pushups and my endurance etc has gotten better! Its hard but I paying off! I am 200lbs wanting to loose 80lbs by October :)

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1/3/14 10:43 A

Welcome! This is a great place for motivation :) I am in a similar situation I would like to lose weight but I am focusing more on strength training and I agree with the previous post if your focusing on the numbers your going to be disappointed. That is not to say you will not lose weight, you will lose fat when you build muscle, you will get leaner and tighter but the scale might be slow moving because your gaining muscle weight. I went down an entire pants size in the matter of about 5lbs because I was building muscle. I eventually just ended up putting my scale in the closet and understanding that I just can't look at it anymore I'm happy with the results I'm getting through strength training and the number doesn't matter quite so much to me anymore. For the weight loss part I would just focus on your eating, eliminate processed foods from your diet up your water intake and stick to veggies/fruits, lean proteins and healthy grains and you will see the difference. Best of luck to you!

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1/3/14 10:30 A

First and foremost, it's important to remember that muscle tissue is much denser than fat, so you can't let the scale dictate your motivation. Nonscale victories are much more important in the long run, because they can keep coming even if the scale is being stubborn. Things to concentrate on are: how your clothes fit; how your wind is improving; what you can lift; your energy levels and mood. Letting the scale decide for you is an invitation to failure.

If you want to get back to running, look at the Couch to 5k program. The first week may seem too easy, but it's really effective at getting you ready to run.

You have the tools you need. Go get 'em! And welcome!

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1/2/14 8:35 P

Hello all, Today I joined spark people and searching for answers as to how I can reach my goals and I'm looking for some help. I am currently 5'6" 194# after 3 kids. My job requires a great deal of strength and my upper body strength has really suffered since having children. First and foremost, I want to lose weight (realistic goal-150#, wishful thinking would be my pre-pregnancy weight of 135#) Second, I need to get stronger and strengthen my core. I have no issues with bulking up or putting on muscle mass but I'm a complete numbers freak and that scale has to move or I lose all motivation. I would also like to run a 5K without feeling like I'm going to die at the end and would like to do them more regularly so I want to slowly incorporate running again into my workouts. I have a membership to planet fitness as well as access to a work gym. I have tried so many different plans and routines and can't seem to find something that works. I gained quite a bit of strength doing an HST training regimen after kid 1, but now I'm not sure that's what's best. I have a friend who told me you can't lose weight and gain strength simultaneously. Any and all idea are very much appreciated. I NEED to get back on track. Thanks so much!

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