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2/3/13 10:34 A

Any time! emoticon

TREYSONG SparkPoints: (2,746)
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2/3/13 10:33 A

I was diagnosed with approximately four years ago. I have been up and down with my weight to even get off the medication. I slowly went back to old habits next thing i knew i was back on the meds. I am attempting to get the weight off, the proper way and not stress about the little stuff. I am hoping to by paying attention to my daily events tracking ,food and exercising these will be long lasting changes in my life. Good luck and thank you! emoticon

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2/3/13 10:22 A

I hope you are feeling better. Try sipping on the liquids. emoticon

DAKOTA4411 Posts: 1,009
2/1/13 7:23 P

Pretty good thanks for asking.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 72,013
2/1/13 3:16 P

Since I have Metabolic Syndrome/Insulin Resistance (most obese people do), and my doctor has no interest in me (Well, MOM, at your AGE you can't expect to lose weight now.......) Okay, so I'm reading Richard Bernstein M.D.'s "The Diabetes Diet" and learning a lot for myself, so today I FEEL GREAT. I believe I will be slim again and NOT REGAIN the weight, as 95% of people do.

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2/1/13 2:51 P

Tired but doing well to keep liquids in and proud I am not buckling to eat wrong even when sick.

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2/1/13 8:36 A

Today I feel energetic. Very up beat, so i plan to go and workout today. emoticon I hope you have a great day!

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