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5/8/13 6:47 P

Online Now  • ))
Have fun and be careful!!!!

5/8/13 5:30 P

Have fun and take loads of pictures. I wish I could do something like this


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5/8/13 4:36 P

Most airlines I've been on SERVE peanuts.

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5/8/13 4:32 P

Caution on taking "peanut" anything....often times the airlines will ask you not to open it!!

Happy and Safe Travels---wish I could offer to carry your bags!!

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5/8/13 4:20 P

A friend of mine just returned from a trip to Nepal, India, and Turkey and she loved it. She was not an international traveler before that. My aunt, who is in her 50s, recently made her first overseas trip to India and Cambodia, and she enjoyed it too.

For the actual travel, roll your clothes instead of folding, you can fit more into a smaller bag that way. Also bring a few snacks for the plane. Plane food is horrible. Nothing that smells, but stuff like a peanut butter sandwich, trail mix, and crackers work well. Also bring an empty reusable water bottle with you, and you can fill it up at a drinking fountain at the airport once you're past security. Bottled water at the airport costs like $3 or $4.

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5/8/13 3:07 P

oooo that sounds wonderful!!! Have a wonderful time

All I know is make copies of everything in case you loose them, like ID, CC and phone numbers, Passports

I only traveled to Canada but never over seas, but I had those space bags that you use with the vacuum to save space and I ended up putting everything in those space bags, for the flight check outs it was nice because when those airports opened my bag up and took things out, it was very easy to put my clothes back in...instead of seeing all my clothes splured all over the floor (esp. underwear and bras LOL)
Do the same thing for the smaller containers of your shampoos, lotions as well.. plus it saves space..

For overseas tips, someone else may know more :-))

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5/8/13 2:47 P


So on Sunday, I'm leaving for a two-week tour of Nepal. We will be trekking around Kathmandu Valley and near Mt. Everest. I'm really nervous but also very excited. I totaled up the hours, we will spent at least 48 hours trekking over the two week period.

I've been preparing for the trip for over a year, trying to increase my stamina and endurance so be able to handle this. But now I feel very under-prepared.

This is my first time traveling outside the U.S., and the first time I've been on a plane in ten years!

Does anyone have any tips, advice for trekking or traveling in general? Or maybe just a nice anecdote or story to comfort me? ;)

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