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8/4/12 12:03 A

Perfect! Liking the desk workout!

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8/3/12 11:40 P

Sparkpeople has a great article on this very subject:

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8/3/12 11:28 P

Hey all,

So I'm feeling pretty good about my workout regime right now - though I never thought I'd say it, circuits are really working for me!

The only thing that I'm not too happy about is how sedentary I am at work. I'm a teacher but I only teach 2-4 hours a day, which means that the other 4-6 working hours is time spent sitting down preparing lessons, grading and that kind of thing.

I've decided to try and sneak in some extra exercise here and there to compensate for the time when I'm not really doing much and the ideas I've had so far are:

1) Every free hour that I have, walk the 10 flights of stairs in my building.
2) Everytime I go to the bathroom, bust out 10 wall press push ups or squats or jumping jacks just to shock my body a little bit
3) I'm already walking further to and from the bus stop but I'm going to take my running shoes to school with me to change into on the bus home so that I can walk more comfortably.
4) I've also taken to sitting on my Swiss ball when I am watching TV as I am so lazy with my posture I think it will help me straighten up a bit.

Any body else have any little ways that I can change things up a bit??

Isn't chocolate just awesome?
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