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2/4/13 6:45 P

Thank you all for the suggestions!

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2/4/13 6:43 P

I think fruit or veggies would be your best bet. Plenty of them out there to keep variety ;)

Be careful with nuts unless you portion them out ahead of time.

Anything prepackaged won't do anything good for you.

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2/4/13 6:34 P

I always keep a protein bar in my purse for unexpected events. If I'm able to plan my outing then I like to take a banana, apple or pack of pretzels.

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2/4/13 6:19 P

i do my own mixed nuts with raisins. plus a pinch of cayenne peppers. delish! better than chocolate!

NIRERIN Posts: 14,249
2/4/13 5:42 P

you can find applesauce and pearsauce in individual half cup containers by the applesauce. look around the nut section for trailmix type things. there are a ton of options. then you have cheese/nut butter and crackers. plain nuts. individual servings of nut butter. if your campus has a coffeepot anywhere look in the soup aisle for nile, healthy valley or dr macdougall's cup of soups. you'll find flavors like chili, lentil curry, potato leek, miso and black bean. then thai kitchen or simply asia make noodle carts and bowls, another just add hot water thing. places like cost plus/world market have individual hummus packets. you can find dehydrated fruits and veggies [just veggies is the brand i can most easily find. it's online at amazon as well as in local health food stores]. you can find dried fruits. you can find individual cups of fruit [in juice, syrup, gel or parfait]. you can find fruit snacks and leather [read the labels, some are junk, some actually have fruit in them]. then there is jerky [they do make veg jerky, primal is the brand that i most often see at whole foods and the other local health food stores]. there are tuna and chicken salad cracker kits. there are noodle and rice bowls that are just add water.
if you have access to a microwave, look for tasty bites with the indian food. they are open, heat and eat. and they make individual soups and stews that are heat and eat as well.
also just keep your eye on the lunchbox aisle at the grocery store. it's all shelf stable, but will require label reading to find out if it is right for you.

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2/4/13 4:29 P

I like homemade trail mix. Dark chocolate M&Ms (antioxidants, baby!), mixed Sunmaid jumbo raisins (not small and dried out like most raisins, big, colorful, and juicy!), and low salt mixed nuts. I usually just use cashews and peanuts since I don't like almonds or most other nuts. This gives me something I can grab a handful of for a quick fix, and it's got protein, sweet, and salty to keep me going!

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2/4/13 2:12 P

What are snacks that you take on-the-go? Like most of you, I have a pretty hectic schedule and cannot always cook. Most of my day consists of being at my college campus, so having snacks in the car or in my bag is a good way for me to avoid eating out. I'm not a big fan of granola bars, and would take things like yogurt with me, but because these items can "go bad" in my car, I avoid this. I usually keep plain almonds and some fruit with me, but I would like to mix it up a bit. Any suggestions?

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