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4/15/14 9:18 P

You need quick digesting carbohydrates.
Fruit, fruit juice, bagel, pancakes, toast, cereal and milk, oatmeal,
And you probably need to be using a sports drink before and during the workout.

And most importantly ----- eating appropriately after the workouts---
Check out this article:

AJC_80 Posts: 1,571
4/15/14 4:04 P

I usually have a banana, cottage cheese with carrots, or my shake. Something with good complex carbs, or some protein, but not so heavy that it will hurt my tummy.

LGREGG07 SparkPoints: (44,509)
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4/15/14 2:40 P

Before I do my workouts (in the evenings), I have a mix of protein and carbs to give me energy. I also feel sick if I eat too close to doing a workout, so what I find that works for me is to eat my protein source two-three hours before my workout and my carb source 1 hour to 30 minutes before. I have about an hour commute from my office to my gym so I take that time to munch on my "carb snack". I like to eat fruit as my carb source because i find that the natural sugars help to give me energy after a long day, but you could eat what ever you want that wont upset your stomach. My protein source is usually cottage cheese, but nuts, eggs, cheese, tuna/chicken salad can be tgreat protein snacks as well.

I have found that a 200 calorie snack (broken up the way i do) #1 gives me enery for my workout #2 doesnt make me feel sick when i workout #3 is the right number of calories to fuel my entire workout. You will have to play around with your "magic number" to energize you through your full workout.

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4/15/14 2:16 P

I seriously feel everything I've eaten all day when I workout so I have to be super conscious of what I eat an hour or 2 before a workout. I found this food guide that's been pretty helpful-
If you like bananas, I'd say a banana is one of your best bets!

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BHENDRICK2 Posts: 1,207
4/15/14 1:42 P

are you getting proteins in some i read need carbs too for endurance just make sure to eat the healthy kind

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4/15/14 1:37 P

A few things I like to eat pre workout are a slice of whole wheat toast with peanut butter, a single serving of greek yogurt, half a cup of cottage cheese with some fruit on top, and hard boiled eggs. If I don't get a punch of protein with a few carbs pre workout, I'm a hot mess afterwards too!

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SONGSOUTOFASHES SparkPoints: (2,044)
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4/15/14 12:39 P

I'm doing a boot camp twice a week. I wouldn't call it hard core, but it isn't a walk in the park either. We are constantly moving and I'm dripping sweat during the first set, not to mention that we have three sets to go! I need to know what I could eat about an hour before that would set my body up for such an intense work out. Sometimes when I leave after boot camp, I almost feel sick and have the shakes...and I know it's because I'm not eating the right stuff.

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