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12/29/11 10:28 A

Each meal and snack should be a balance of carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats to help you stay satisfied longer. Healthy eating isn't about being hungry. Use the Teen Nurition Guide to help you learn to make healthy meal and snack selections that focus on nutrient rich choices that keep you satisfied, meets your estimated needs and helps you reach your goals.

Coach Tanya

BOSMAN95 Posts: 13
12/28/11 12:42 P

Okay. I'm doing this for real and I'm super hungry right now. I ate breakfast at 10ish and just had a yogurt at 12:30 but I can't kick this hunger. Lunch is in a little bit, and I think I'm just gonna wait it out for another hour.

I need some suggestions and ideas for snacks and when you all eat snacks throughout the day. I am in high school but on break right now so my schedule is more flexible. I'd love your ideas and support! :) Thanks

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