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6/24/13 7:13 A

one other thing to keep in mind is that some people, by "eating healthy all day," are really being too restrictive which primes them to overeat at night. so you may want to look at how many calories you are eating during the day. are you trying to stick to the absolute bottom of your ranges? have you set a 2lb loss per week goal when you are less than 200lbs? are you trying to lose 2lbs per week with less than 40lbs to lose? are you overestimating everything you eat? are you working out more than you said you would? are you denying yourself all the foods you love? if any of these might be the case, work on eating a little more and finding a way to incorporate the foods you love.
you could also try planning in a snack just before you usually sit down to watch tv and snack can help. so that way when you'd normally be reaching for the chips your stomach is sending a full signal to your brain.

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KKKAREN Posts: 12,754
6/24/13 6:22 A

If you're bored watching TV make a game of it. Do push ups or sit ups during every commercial, it should curb your appetite.

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6/24/13 2:47 A

Go for a walk
Do situps
Play with the dog
Paint your nails
Plan out your meals for the week
Write in a journal

KPMP1992 Posts: 56
6/24/13 12:15 A

Sometimes, I just have to go to bed to prevent myself from munching! :-O

NOLAFIT Posts: 124
6/23/13 11:24 P

Start by never snacking on the sofa again and you'll stop associating the two subconsciously. Secondly, it depends what you're craving. Try to portion size a sensible snack away from the television so you can enjoy what you're eating. Personally, my night time cravings are usually sweet. I'll either reach for a skinny cow ice cream sandwich (approx 150 cal), or I will have a square or two of dark chocolate. For some reason, dark chocolate really makes me feel full.

I used to be a salty snacker at night craving cheese its, Doritos, chips and salsa, etc. Now, I will try to have one stick of light string cheese or a portion serving of either pita chips or lentil chips with some measured portion size hummus.

And a glass of water. :)

Good luck!

6/23/13 11:08 P

Brush your teeth. The thought of eating after making your teeth minty fresh, really kills the snacking mood for some people.

JAMIRBLAZE Posts: 1,769
6/23/13 7:56 P

I keep my hands busy, leave calories for a small (but filling) snack, drink water and chew sugar free gum.

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6/23/13 7:40 P


PINK4YOUTOO Posts: 508
6/23/13 7:25 P

Try something with your hands...crocheting, writing, knitting, etc. to keep you busy. Also, do some exercises during commercials.

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6/23/13 7:10 P

I really have a problem with night time snacking. I'll eat healthy all day and then I'll ruin the whole thing at night because I'll be sitting on the couch, bored, watching tv. What are some things I can do to avoid mindless snacking during the evening?

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