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10/6/11 8:30 A

Greek yogurt - lots of protein and it leaves me feeling more full than regular low-fat yogurt
a hard boiled egg
a slice of turkey wrapped around a piece of string cheese
a serving of walnuts, pecans or almonds
peanut butter on celery
rice chips and salsa

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10/6/11 8:24 A

yes when i am starving i will grab anything

i try to keep hardboiled eggs on hand
low fat string cheese or babybells
beef jerky
peanut butter (with celery or just a spoonful)

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10/1/11 3:01 P

Apples and carrots are really bad snack foods because of their high glycemic index - they have a lot of readily available carbs, so you get a quick burst of energy but then it's gone and you have a rumbly tummy and cravings. It's much better to eat things that you'll burn through more slowly, like proteins.

A string cheese stick can be a great snack, or a couple ounces of chicken breast. I love the South Beach diet books for great ideas on low-carb snacks. I remember doing a lot of roll-ups: a lettuce leaf smeared with some low-fat ricotta and a slice of turkey breast. Healthy and filling!

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10/1/11 2:27 P

You do have limiting snack perimeters. I would assume almonds also bother you. If not,, they are great in limited amounts.
Stay away from heavy carb foods like crackers and chips.
The best thing to do is read labels. Enter them in SP food tracker to see what the total nutrition impact is to your diet.
Read SP articles in the Nutrition section to get some good ideas that may work for your stomach.
Good luck.

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10/1/11 1:27 P

I would like some ideas for good fairly filling snakes. I have always done the low fat yogurts but would like to know what others eat for their snacks for in between meals. I can not snack on apples, carrots and other similar type foods. The roughage gets my stomach going and then I am starving and will eat anything good or bad to make it go away. My daughter is like this also. Anybody else like this?

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