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1/20/14 4:38 P

Before my walk this morning, I had half a sandwich. It was amazing. I felt stronger for longer, so I guess that is at least a reasonable answer until I get to talk to the doctor.

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1/20/14 1:32 P

This is a good question for your doctor!

My instinct is to say that if you feel all right and your blood sugar isn't low when you do your morning test, it shouldn't be a problem-- but I'm not a doctor, and my instinct counts a whole lot less than his/her KNOWLEDGE.

In the meantime before your appointment, I do think you'd be well advised to take a small portable snack in your pocket, just in case you do start feeling funny.

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1/20/14 6:27 A

The body typically holds a reserve of about 2000 calories of usable energy, and can comfortably handle most workouts. Fuel for your workout should not be a major concern.

However, blood sugar levels will be lower in the mornings after ~12 hours since dinner, which may be a concern for diabetics. i'm definitely not an expert on this issue, but a snack may help in this regard.


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1/19/14 2:10 P

Many thanks for your thoughts. Fortunately, I didn't get out and have a real problem, but I realized that I hadn't eaten for 12 hours and then exercised. Maybe not a good combination.

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1/19/14 11:04 A


You're going to get a variety of opinions on this subject. Some people do snack, others don't. You have to listen to your body and do what's best for you. That's because every "body" really is different. What works for one person, might not work for another.

You might find this article helpful.

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1/19/14 11:03 A

I also have type II diabetes, currently well under control without medications. I have a tendency towards low blood sugar while exercising. I'll go out for a walk and quickly get all shaky and sweaty and confused, so I like a couple of crackers and some cheese or hummus before exercise. As you begin an exercise regimen, check your blood sugar often, before and after exercise, to see what the trends are. And always carry something on you for quick sugar!

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1/19/14 10:12 A

Good morning! I have T2 diabetes and have begun to exercise (walk) again after a year off.

Several days a week, I get up and take a long brisk walk before breakfast. It feels great, but I am wondering if I should be having a small snack before I go out so that my body has fuel for the exercise.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

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