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12/20/09 11:53 A

I agree with the posters that said its unnecessary. Why not save your money and get a good reverse-osmosis filter for your house, then fill up a stainless-steel bottle with water and take it with you :) Better for the planet, cheaper, and the water tastes just as good as bottled :)

POPSGRYL63X Posts: 808
12/20/09 11:33 A

I drink filtered (Brita) tap water. There is NO NEED to drink bottled water.....not to mention what it does to the planet!

LAUREN129 Posts: 648
12/19/09 9:47 P

It is also TERRIBLE for the environment to use bottled water...all those bottles are just thrown away (or even when they are recycled)...such a waste! Stick with pure tap water - it is just as healthy, cheaper, and no adverse environmental effects!

12/19/09 7:03 P

I belive that you are talking about smart water, the filtration system...correct?

Is it better (healthier or safier) than tap water from an approved city or town water purification system...NO.

dietitian Becky

12/19/09 2:39 P

I believe Smart Water has electrolytes (same as Gatorade), which is useful if you've been exercising *really* heavily and are very depleted. But for every day drinking and the level of exercise the average person does, you don't necessarily need electrolytes and so it's no better for you than regular tap water.

That said, I know people who swear it tastes better than tap water or other bottled waters and who also swear that it helps you recover from a hangover more quickly! (LOL)

At the end of the day, my sense is that any additional benefits from drinking electrolyte infused water are marginal (and probably unnecessary) for the average person, particularly when you factor in the added cost. But if you like it and you drink more because of it, than go for it.

ISHFISH Posts: 717
12/19/09 2:38 P

smartwater is basically filtered tap water, essentially the same thing as if you took tap water and put it through a brita filter. It doesn't have any extra nutrients in it or anything like that. But with news coming out that the water in many places isn't safe even if it meets federal guidelines, it might be safer to drink bottled water.

SHMEA07 Posts: 153
12/19/09 2:32 P

Smartwater all the way!

Smartwater and Aquafina are my favorite waters.

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12/19/09 2:29 P

Is smart water really better for you then tap water, or regular water? I've heard some people say it is and I've heard some people say it isn't. I'm just curious! Thanks

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