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I just purchased this product and cannot find anything not to love! It is just what I need/want to track my activity.
The size is not too large, yet the readout is quite clear for "older" eyes (over 50). The buttons are basic and easy to work with. The set-up and functions are simple to perform to get ready to use! (easier than any other kind of unit I've attempted to set up)

I checked it out with the distance (steps) walked. I also checked out the heart rate readings w/ cardio equipment at the gym. It all lines up fairly accurately (in an acceptable "ballpark" for what I want!).

There are other types & styles of fitness monitors, but this is the perfect one for me! (no more dropping pedometers in the toilet...argh!) -- I always used a separate watch to track length of time for fitness activity. But this allows me to track so much more in a clear and easy to use way! And the price is about 1/2 of what the other types of monitors cost.

This product is a win/win for me! I highly recommend it for functional fitness and tracking for your everyday lifestyle!

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