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1/22/13 12:03 P

Interesting, thanks for the link BMB. I will definitely read that as counter to the book.

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1/22/13 11:32 A

I would take Wheat Belly with a grain of salt.

A very good retort of the "science" in that book.

1/22/13 11:22 A

I've just cracked the book "Wheat Belly"; so far the author talks a lot about man boobs and the correlation with wheat and genetically modified grains in general. It looks like a good read and may give you some guidance.
Of course, as BMB pointed out, unfortunately you cannot target certain areas for loss, it's an all over thing.
Good luck!

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1/22/13 7:37 A

Cannot spot reduce, keep eating less and lifting.

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1/21/13 7:38 P

I was wondering if anyone can give me some advice on getting smaller man boobs...any help would be great.

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