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ANDREAG89 SparkPoints: (27,515)
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Posts: 552
9/6/12 2:26 P

Every year for a friend's golf tournament and post-tourney cookout, I bake ~400 cookies.

So this past week I have made 8 double-batches of cookie dough...and I haven't eaten it (yes, the cookie dough without being baked is quite tasty, thank you).

RUBYREDIVY1 Posts: 544
9/6/12 1:22 P

First craving creeping in today - triggered by the dessert I made for my son - puff pastry and nutella twists....the smell wafting through the oven was unbearable.

So I ended up going 200 calories above my target today munching on chocolate biscuits and drinking tea...

Still ok, considering it could've been much much worse. Besides, I underate without even wanting to for the last few days...

I guess this is a small victory considering how I may have just downed a whole cupboard full of sweet stuff. First craving...recognized and addressed.

GRIZ1GIRL SparkPoints: (194,651)
Fitness Minutes: (253,855)
Posts: 2,243
9/6/12 1:02 P

Not eating any munchies after dinner last night.......

ALMEEKER Posts: 32
9/6/12 12:42 P

Our eldest dd is like a sea otter, fast in the water, not so much on land. Anyway she came home from the first day of school and said she wanted to try cross country. Really? I sooo did not see that coming. So we sat down and talked about what that would mean for her, how it's not about winning, it's about running every meet better than you ran the last, and getting enough endurance to be able to run a whole race without having to walk any of it. And how she'll have to work at this and not to give up after a few days just because it's hard. So she comes home from practice last night and she's sore absolutely everywhere. An hour later I find her playing Wii? I was shocked, especially after she says to me that she's playing to help warm up muscles to ease the pain, a trick she learned from me. BTW she's 10, and happily packed her cross country bag this morning with the idea that she might try the 2 1/2 mile course tonight. I'm very proud of that kid. I think her goal is to be able to run a 5K without walking, which is all kinds of awesome.

81MSMITH1 SparkPoints: (18,258)
Fitness Minutes: (30,465)
Posts: 72
9/6/12 10:12 A

I ate a few chips from the bag, and then when I realized I was putting them in my mouth without thinkging about it, just eating, I stopped, put the chips down and walked away.

MRSLINDSAYB SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,560)
Posts: 77
9/6/12 8:42 A

Not craving sweets NEARLY as much thanks to eating good, satisfying, whole foods. And treating myself once a week to a sweet treat gives me something to work toward.

RUBYREDIVY1 Posts: 544
9/6/12 8:09 A

I haven't had any sweet cravings since leaving my terrible bulimia lifestyle...almost nearly 2 months ago now I did eat bigger portions of proper food because there seemed to be a void, but despite having urges to purge - I can keep it down -

Small victory 1 - keeping food down
Small victory 2 - eating whole foods, not craving sweets anymore
Small victory 3 - eating smaller portions and still feeling satisfied

I just went cold turkey on sweets, completely, and allowed myself big portions of wholesome foods instead - broccolli and cheese, buttery fish, jacket potato, soups and curries with rice - all foods that can make you gain weight, the end they're not empty calories are they?

Now I'm just tuning the sizes and going smaller.

TORTOISE110 Posts: 7,834
9/6/12 7:23 A

Finished 4 week ten minute exercise challenge today. I learned to at least do something, even on rest days, from this challenge and broke through a plateau.

SANDSLIB Posts: 261
9/6/12 6:56 A

Switching from black to green tea!! Yoohooo!! (And enjoying it!)

9/6/12 5:31 A

well done BHARRIS227! Sounds like you didn't feel at all deprived

FAITHP44 Posts: 8,596
9/6/12 2:58 A

Had to buy 2 pairs of trousers (pants to my US friends!) on Tuesday because I've shrunk out of my old ones. Getting a load of too big stuff ready for the charity shop.

MAD-RUNNER-CHIC SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,671)
Posts: 127
9/5/12 11:04 P

Didn't cheat on my diet today even though I had terrible sweet cravings tonight. I did some lower lifting and went for a short run with hill work to distract myself. Double smal victory!

9/5/12 10:23 P

I went jogging even though I DIDN'T want to. Yup. My body and mind felt so good afterwards, too.

GIZMO08 Posts: 80
9/5/12 10:08 P

I am just getting started again - went from 160 in April to 175 in July and now back down to 160 in Sept., actually 158 :)

KELAN5 SparkPoints: (56,855)
Fitness Minutes: (82,413)
Posts: 208
9/5/12 9:17 P

Well done, BHarris227! This is an inspiring post!

I have managed this time around (I was active on SP 5 years ago and lost 40 pounds but then, through working too much and not exercising or eating right, gained nearly 30 pounds of it back) to see everything as "my life" rather than a lifestyle change or a diet (a dirty word, no???). Life is going to be filled with special occasions and delicious things that we will want to eat,and now and then we will go over our calorie ranges. That's okay-- this is our lives, not a test! And, from what I've read and have experienced to some extent myself, sometimes this can even help us to avoid plateaus. The trick I've found is to plan ahead-- to exercise daily, eat regularly, and to leave some wiggle room for the various types of food offered in restaurants, including buffets, and at friends' homes (although I have begun to make it very clear to my friends that I need to know the ingredients in any home-cooked meals and can't eat until I'm "filled to the gills" just to make them happy anymore). The mobile app has been a godsend! I just pull it out and log ahead of time to see how many calories I'm looking at before I eat. If we feel we've overindulged, we go for a 1.5-mile walk after dinner to burn a few more calories. My husband is really shocked that I'm eating pretty much everything I used to, just smaller portions with lots of fruit and veggies, and still losing weight and feeling terrific.

So...I guess my small victory is changing my mindset-- to think of health rather than labeling my body in all of the various ways we, as women, often do based on the state of our bodies.

Thanks again for sharing your victory! Let's keep 'em coming!


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HOLALOLA SparkPoints: (32,905)
Fitness Minutes: (92,019)
Posts: 280
9/5/12 8:03 P

A cruise is all about choices and there are healthy choices. Stick to salads, fruit, lean protein, just like you normally would. Luckily, the dessert portions are small.

Stay active. Our ship was large so just getting anywhere required a lot of walking. There was a gym, a rock wall, a walk/run track, roller blading ring and ice rink. I ice skated twice for 45 minutes. I took the stairs a lot. Off the ship you can walk around the cities a lot too. I actually lost one pound after a week on the ship.

HOLALOLA SparkPoints: (32,905)
Fitness Minutes: (92,019)
Posts: 280
9/5/12 7:59 P

Passed up cupcakes at work today.

9/5/12 5:27 P

I went to a family reunion and stayed really close to my calorie intake! Potlucks tend to be a free-for-all with me leaving super full and uncomfortable. Not on Saturday!

POLLYW132 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,535)
Posts: 8
9/5/12 4:21 P

Hi to all my small victory this week was to almost stay on track for a week of life style change in both diet and exercise.After plateauing for nearly 6 months its great to see the scales on the move.

MAMA_CD Posts: 1,507
9/5/12 1:48 P

Every victory counts, well done

CHLOEMINOR SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (15,221)
Posts: 39
9/5/12 1:29 P

You'd think a cruise would be a fine place to stay on plan -- I'd love to have someone bring me three meals and two snacks calculated for my diet and on pretty plates. I guess that's spa-ish. Are there spa cruises?

TORTOISE110 Posts: 7,834
9/5/12 8:57 A

Prettygma6: Savor what you eat. Pause before you choose. ( I understand they throw food at you on cruises!) Oh and drink water before each meal. Hard to track when you aren't in control of food content so I think that might be the biggest challenge if it were me... Good luck and I hope it is wonderful fun. I guess ACTIVE fun would be good too (-:

PRETTYGMA6 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (4,103)
Posts: 41
9/4/12 9:55 P

I am going on a Cruise next month. How did you manage to stay on track?

AARNOLD6 Posts: 76
9/4/12 7:46 P

although i dont eat sour cream, my partner (hates tge idea of a diet and low fat food) and i had soft tacos for dinner last night but had no sour cream. so my partner went to the shop to get some and came home with light sour cream. my small victory is that my new healthy eating habits are rubbing off on him

CHLOEMINOR SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (15,221)
Posts: 39
9/4/12 6:45 P

Dropped the car off for maintenance three miles away, ran home.

CIRANDELLA SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (34,361)
Posts: 6,094
9/4/12 12:51 P

I guess my "small victory" is being able to eat whatever I want for two days a month, and anything goes :)... And the victory lies in the fact that I can easily get right back on the program, tracking everything I eat and staying within range. It is a small victory but works "big-time" :)

9/4/12 11:45 A

I took a road trip this weekend. It's so easy to roll through a fast food joint for meals/snacks but I planned ahead & took some easy to eat fruit & lettuce wraps with me to have when I was hungry. It felt great to have healthier options that were easy to pick & it didn't take that much more planning - just a little thought ahead of time. =0)

KACEYSW Posts: 5,554
9/4/12 9:58 A

My roommate loves to cook and bake. Last night he made a gluten-free chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and brought me a piece that was the equivalent of 3 servings. I graciously thanked him and took a bite to show my appreciation for his efforts. When he went back to his room, I brought the cake back to the pan, examined the nutritional information and then divided the entire cake into its appropriate servings. I then bagged the remaining 13 servings and put them in the freezer to mete them out as desired. That was a small victory for me and my roommate was none the wiser.

9/4/12 8:48 A

I'm just back from a cruise and I count it as a small victory that I stayed on plan the entire 8 days, despite the temptations!

EXISTISTRY SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (312)
Posts: 16
9/4/12 7:29 A

My small victory is a continuous streak of days doing strength training on different areas of my body. If you knew how much I hated strength training, you would be so proud of me!


9/4/12 12:08 A

Stayed in my calorie range for 2 days. Feeling motivated, pumped, and excited to push these pounds out, and slam the door!

FANCYNANCY66 SparkPoints: (23,383)
Fitness Minutes: (23,617)
Posts: 141
9/3/12 8:41 P

for the past month, I have ended the day around 9PM with one cup of skim milk into which I put 1/2 cup of FIBER ONE original cereal. After I eat that I am full and satisfied and any evening hunger leaves me, I feel calm perhaps due to the milk, and I get sleepy. It's become my salvation to stop evening munchies.

BECCABOO127 SparkPoints: (81,622)
Fitness Minutes: (32,054)
Posts: 12,471
9/3/12 7:41 P

I am fixing more low calorie veggie recipes and really enjoying them too! Keeps my calories down for the day, and I get a fuller belly.

FRENCHIFAL SparkPoints: (142,172)
Fitness Minutes: (128,803)
Posts: 2,615
9/3/12 5:59 P

I loved reading all of these...well done!!

My small victory for the day: after kayaking this morning, I skipped Taco Bell (usually about 900+ calories) and got a 6-inch veggie at Subway (about 350 cals) on my way to the park cook-out instead!!

Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 12
9/3/12 5:04 P

I volunteered for a project at work today that had me go-go-going on my feet all day instead of sitting behind a desk AND I'm on track to hit my low end calorie goal for the day. emoticon

9/3/12 2:56 P

Yesterday evening after the cinema I turned down a lift home. The sun was shining and I was thinking of how great it would be to add some more exercise minutes to my tracker. And when I got home, put the kettle on and logged that extra time, I felt fab!

ICAN2DOTHIS SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (891)
Posts: 31
9/3/12 2:54 P

I just walked away from the restaurant door and went home to eat healthy!

KRISTA4REAL SparkPoints: (11,783)
Fitness Minutes: (7,868)
Posts: 369
9/3/12 2:23 P

emoticon Celebrate every little victory! The add up to be big results!

MOINSDEMOI Posts: 2,409
9/3/12 2:02 P

BHARRIS227 - terrific job!!

KGWINDER Posts: 1,503
9/3/12 12:55 P

Great work Skabel

SKABELS2 Posts: 77
9/3/12 10:10 A

Yesterday when I went to work, I found out there was a potluck for lunch. I'm broke and don't like to turn down free food, but I'm also overweight and want that to change. So, I went to the cafeteria and bought a gigantic salad and a pudding cup. I then came to the potluck, topped the salad with meat from the meat and cheese tray, allowed myself 1 serving of spinach dip with crackers (the crackers I counted toward my carb portion of the meal), and indulged in the fruit. I really wanted the taco dip, but I knew that one bite would lead to a plate full, so I avoided that.

I'm proud to say that I managed to stay within my parameters for the day, and still got to enjoy a (almost) free meal. I didn't even feel like I was depriving myself of anything. I conquered the potluck!!!

SUSANK16 Posts: 2,635
9/3/12 9:59 A

Great job! Sometimes it is the small victories that turn the battle around.

KGB412 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (404)
Posts: 2
9/3/12 7:18 A

lost one kg of weight with in 10 days

KGWINDER Posts: 1,503
9/2/12 9:02 P

My zero exercise laying around day turned into the best work out day...that just 10 min thing plus a little making up works wonders!

AATKIN01 Posts: 189
9/2/12 8:12 P

Good job! situations like these are how we learn to live with our changes for the rest of our lives. emoticon

WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 950
9/2/12 5:03 P

Way to go, B! That is a great accomplishment.

Keep up the good work!


EEJAYBEE Posts: 261
9/2/12 5:01 P

Definitely a victory! Especially if it means you don't beat yourself up about it and go on a guilt trip...which always leads to eating more. Tomorrow is a new day...

9/2/12 2:16 P

Good for you! This is a victory, especially if the chips and snacks are something that you have a hard time saying "no thanks" to. You have to forgive yourself when you go off the rails and keep looking forward to your goals. Maybe this will be among the first in many steps of making better food decisions for you.

GLH1980 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,951)
Posts: 278
9/2/12 11:39 A

Good job! emoticon

BHARRIS227 SparkPoints: (1,487)
Fitness Minutes: (1,581)
Posts: 25
9/2/12 11:38 A

Last night, to celebrate my birthday, my best friend, whom I only see a few times a year, invited me to her Aunt's house for a gathering and drinks. I was a bit worried about how it would effect my weight loss efforts for the week, but I figure that I only see her a couple times a year, and having a good time for one night was worth it, even if it meant I was up a bit instead of down on weigh in day. I'm sure I drank way more than I should have, I don't even want to think about the calories in the cocktails the Aunt was endlessly supplying... BUT, I politely passed on all the chips and other high fat snacks offered all evening, AND on the drive home, my friend wanted to stop at McDonalds for fast food, and I chose not to order anything there either. The way I see it, the night could have been a whole lot worse for me, and I'm counting it as a victory :)

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