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2/7/12 8:42 P

Great job! I think half this journey is a mental one! Score one for you.

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2/7/12 8:40 P

Now you are on the right track. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

BELLALUCIA Posts: 3,451
2/6/12 10:34 P

Never belittle your accomplishments! Glad u decided to stand proud!

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2/6/12 9:53 P

A one pound weight loss sound so little but it is the building block of all losses. Just imagine you have lost a whole pound of butter around your waist. Now suddenly it is looking like a lot. Don't be deceived by the "only 1 pound" sigh. It is good losing one pound then another and still another. emoticon

TAMPATINK67 Posts: 3,800
2/6/12 9:43 P

emoticon . emoticon

I think you may have just graduated!

2/6/12 3:39 P

Woo Hoo!

Yes! Now that is the right attitude! Celebrating leads to more success! Disappointment does not. It's all about the attitude.

Remember that other goals are important, too - not just weight goals. Celebrate all the things you accomplished this week. Every 10 minute workout, every food label read, is a victory in itself!

Great job!

BUTTERFLYG1821 Posts: 72
2/6/12 2:19 P

So I lost 2.4 pounds my first week, which is great. But a small part of me wanted to be a little disappointed. I started to think, if I had eaten less or exercised more I could have lost more. But that's exactly the kind of thinking that got me to the place I am now, 100 pounds overweight. I caught myself before any more damage could be done. I decided to celebrate the 2.4 pounds. I stuck to my fastbreak goals and the 10 minute daily exercise challenge. These are small changes that I can handle and those small changes shed 2.4 pounds. This is something I can stick with. If I had this attitude a year and a half ago, being ok with 1-2 pounds of weight loss a week, I would be at my goal weight today. So I not only accept the 2.4 pounds, I celebrate them. Next week may only be a pound or even a half a pound, but that is alright with me. Half a pound loss is better than where I was before, gradually gaining weight.

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