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3/1/13 6:39 A

Welcome to SP. The journey will be as rocky as you make it. Good luck!!

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2/28/13 5:18 P

Hi, I'm new to this site and am trying to navigate it. I'm trying to lose 10 pounds, although when setting up my profile I was advised to maintain my weight. I have a very small frame, so those 10 pounds which are sitting around my middle (which weren't there before menopause) really are extra pounds. I'm fairly active, really need to improve my diet, and am busting out of my clothes. I get flack from others who might want to lose more pounds than I (saying that I don't need to lose weigh), but it's not about the numbers, it's about that spare tire - it just shouldn't be there! I pretty much don't mention my desire to lose weight anymore, because people don't take my concerns seriously. To my thinking, the smaller you are (frame-wise) the more significant even just a few pounds is. Anyone else have a similar situation? I'd appreciate your comments. Thanks!

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