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1/28/13 3:16 P

Wow, I had no idea Olive Garden had a healthy menu now?! Good for them! I stopped eating there because of the creamy, unhealthy food

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1/28/13 3:07 P


i wish more reataurants had the under 500 calorie options. that is really enough for a meal! : )

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1/28/13 2:45 P

emoticon Good job!

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1/28/13 1:30 P

Went to dinner with extended family Saturday night to Olive Garden. I did NOT eat a breadstick!! yea!

I also ordered the less than 500 calorie apricot chicken entree. Yea Me!! (just had to shout that to the world, I'm so proud of myself)

Sorry all - I think I posted to the wrong board...

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