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MYSPARKE1 SparkPoints: (2,256)
Fitness Minutes: (206)
Posts: 5
1/28/13 6:24 P

What a wonderful victory. Reading this spark me to move more. Thanks for posting.

CITRUSCOLA SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (20,912)
Posts: 4
1/28/13 3:29 P

Worked out every weekday last week for a least 20 minutes. Plan on doing it this week too!

DANYLEIN SparkPoints: (90,153)
Fitness Minutes: (33,026)
Posts: 359
1/28/13 11:45 A

I did 16 minutes on the treadmill with a 1% incline. After that I did 10 minutes of weight training.
This is day 2 and I feel so good about myself. It's like my body is saying thank you!

LULUBELLE65 SparkPoints: (37,106)
Fitness Minutes: (27,770)
Posts: 1,169
1/28/13 11:31 A

Day 15 of eating vegan. I've had one splurge day, one day slightly over my allotted calories, and have still managed to lose 7 pounds!!!!!!!

MARITIMER3 SparkPoints: (209,827)
Fitness Minutes: (119,126)
Posts: 9,365
1/28/13 8:56 A

Without even planning it, I realize that I park in one place to do all my errands now instead of driving to each of the.

GRATTECIELLA SparkPoints: (123,076)
Fitness Minutes: (79,076)
Posts: 4,216
1/27/13 10:47 P

Carved out time to go for a run (my first in almost a week) after my son's birthday party.

1/27/13 7:23 P

the last four times i went into starbucks, i only got drinks and/or treats for my munchkins... i only got a water :)

KRISKAY1962 SparkPoints: (84,946)
Fitness Minutes: (46,806)
Posts: 566
1/26/13 11:58 P


1/26/13 11:42 P

Made a thin crust veggie pizza for dinner, and only ate half this time! (I'm really bad about eating all the food I make at once, and last time I made a pizza that was supposed to be at least 2 servings, I ate it ALL.) And this was despite the fact that I was upset about something at the time, which really made me want to order out for a pizza and go on an all out binge.

CYDNEYLEECH SparkPoints: (14,240)
Fitness Minutes: (8,062)
Posts: 103
1/26/13 8:25 P

I finally did 10,00 steps today and drank 8 glasses of water. A first for the water and first for the steps in a very long time.

NGREGOR SparkPoints: (16,523)
Fitness Minutes: (5,754)
Posts: 728
1/26/13 7:43 P

Everyone is doing so well.
Congratulations to all of you!

BARBANNA SparkPoints: (108,384)
Fitness Minutes: (85,068)
Posts: 3,415
1/26/13 6:09 P

Giving up diet soda's
Learning to eat 3 meals a day instead of one meal from dinner until bedtime.
Performing exercises that I thought I would never be able to do.
Working out for 3 hours without feeling wasted.
Loosing 18 lbs.
Loose clothing!

CANDYPA Posts: 25
1/26/13 6:05 P

I am learning to be gluten and dairy free at the same time.

I had a portebello "pizza" with sauce no cheese.
My husband, son, and daughter have tried the mushroom pizza and like it, but of course with cheese.

1/26/13 5:53 P

Way to go..

MANKAZAS SparkPoints: (14,240)
Fitness Minutes: (16,992)
Posts: 170
1/26/13 4:01 P

No sodas or coffee since January 1!

NEWRUNNER2 Posts: 542
1/26/13 3:56 P

I snuck in a veggie for my afternoon snack. Still can't get to 3 per day yet, but little by little...

BAIRMAR SparkPoints: (17,753)
Fitness Minutes: (8,929)
Posts: 376
1/26/13 3:08 P

Needed to buy a size medium today to replace some larger workout shorts!

1/26/13 2:04 P

Went to the Y today. Didn't have my "right" shoes, but walked for 45 minutes anyway. Previously, I would have used this as an excuse to go back home. Proud of myself.

NADDY23 Posts: 77
1/26/13 12:21 P

Doing my exercise for the day, even though I didn't want to.

49ADAMS Posts: 412
1/26/13 11:18 A

I made it one week I plan on taking Sundays off from my Wii excersices, I plan on doing a few of my paper ones i won't completely not do anything on Sundays but not as active. What is my small victory this week is getting thru my first week back from doing my full excersice program.

VUKELK Posts: 623
1/26/13 8:14 A

I am eating healthier. I am exercising more. I am organizing an exercise routine to become more active and work more parts of my body.

CHARMIAN2 Posts: 997
1/26/13 2:52 A

Doing well getting my 8 glasses of water

NGREGOR SparkPoints: (16,523)
Fitness Minutes: (5,754)
Posts: 728
1/25/13 11:57 P

Took GS to Cracker Barrel (he ate about 900 cal) and I stuck with the chef salad and only splurged was on a cup of clam chowder and water which were better than a hamburger & steak fries & cole slaw & diet cola.

1/25/13 11:01 P

Even though I treated myself to a giant fast food meal, I still logged it into my nutrition tracker and did my exercise for the day--AND I did the cardio that I had not done yesterday. Very happy with myself. : )

CUSH1932 SparkPoints: (82,061)
Fitness Minutes: (33,489)
Posts: 1,681
1/25/13 10:20 P

I walked today in spite of the fact I really did not feel like it. 30 minutes and felt great afterwards.

82719541 SparkPoints: (74,770)
Fitness Minutes: (125,955)
Posts: 144
1/25/13 6:45 P

I had a major victory today. Found out I have a stress fracture in my left foot. So no running on the treadmill. But the doctor says if it doesn't hurt when you walk then walk instead of running. So, today I walked 3.5 miles on my treadmill my foot hurt a little but not to bad. Hopefully things will heal quickly, well as quickly as a 58 year old can. I am so happy I can still do some exercise.

1/25/13 6:06 P

I'm back after a LONG hiatus. I tracked yesterday. I tracked today, and realized that I didn't save enough space for wine with dinner. It will be okay. Wine will be there tomorrow. Headed to Zumba tonight before dinner.

ODIELUV Posts: 24
1/25/13 5:11 P

my small victory was ordering an apple as a side with my spinach salad instead of the baguette at panera ..that bread is soooo yum!

1/25/13 5:07 P

able to run on the treadmill AND NOT FALL DOWN DEAD LOL..

1/25/13 2:42 P

Resisted potato chips.

GLKINMT Posts: 11
1/25/13 12:55 P

My victory has been staying in my calorie range nearly every day, and having fruit/vegetables for snacks. And it shows!

CALGAL10831 Posts: 473
1/25/13 12:35 P

going to a restaurant and getting the healthy choice item on the menu instead of the high calorie item i used to get. Small Victory, baby step

NGREGOR SparkPoints: (16,523)
Fitness Minutes: (5,754)
Posts: 728
1/25/13 12:09 P

Is any victory really small?

STARMONICA SparkPoints: (222,346)
Fitness Minutes: (56,672)
Posts: 12,236
1/25/13 9:04 A

stick on my group workout

ROKIAS SparkPoints: (28,730)
Fitness Minutes: (47,039)
Posts: 559
1/25/13 8:56 A

2 weeks of consistent exercise and mindful eating.
Logging food everyday for 2 weeks.
Small victory of showing myself I can do it!

LIVSGMA SparkPoints: (878)
Fitness Minutes: (110)
Posts: 4
1/25/13 8:16 A

I have gone a whole week without eating anything after dinner! This is one of my biggest challenges! emoticon

TORTOISE110 Posts: 7,833
1/25/13 6:23 A

Logged in my plan for breakfast and realized if I nixed the walnuts on my oatmeal the whole deal came in right on target. Bye walnuts until next time! Nothing like knowing what is going into your body and making a good decision.

NGREGOR SparkPoints: (16,523)
Fitness Minutes: (5,754)
Posts: 728
1/24/13 10:58 P

Hey Mom2Hande, great job. You are a better woman than me mom2. Put the chips in front of me and I say just 1 until there are 0. I've tried not eating the shell bowl on a taco salad and the best I could do was leave the bottom 3rd of the shell.
For a small victory emoticon

MOM2HANDE Posts: 67
1/24/13 8:30 P

Eating lunch out with a business colleague at a Mexican restaurant and not eating a single chip! Taco salad with black beans as the protein and not eating the shell.

LAINGMOM Posts: 472
1/24/13 7:47 P

My small victory is related to giving in and having a bad eating day. I had one of those today and just logged into SparkPeople everything I ate. Usually at this time I have about 150 calories left for a bedtime snack (usually 100 calories popcorn). Right now, I am only 46 calories over my upper limit. A year ago, having a bad eating day would have been 1000 calories over my upper limit. Go me! Even a very bad eating day is so much better with SparkPeople!

N16351D Posts: 2,349
1/24/13 7:47 P

Since contracting a serious illness last May, I had nausea for six months. (Now eight months into the illness but the nausea left last Thanksgiving.) The only thing that I wanted to eat was ice cream! I ate more ice cream between June and Thanksgiving than I have had in the last five years all together! I had it every single day!

Then the holidays came along. I continued to eat a sweet treat every day until January 1. I said, "Enough!!" I have not had a sweet treat since the New Year. And the scales show it. I have been dropping one pound per week....

BARBANNA SparkPoints: (108,384)
Fitness Minutes: (85,068)
Posts: 3,415
1/24/13 7:41 P

I just bought some new clothes via internet so I will either have a small victory or I will just keep working. Everyday since I started SP has been a small victory because I am eating, exercising and modifying my lifestyle to be much more healthy!

NGREGOR SparkPoints: (16,523)
Fitness Minutes: (5,754)
Posts: 728
1/24/13 7:28 P

Made an e-purchase in Oct of a pair of slacks and found I couldn't button them. I never sent them back. Today I am wearing them - buttoned. Since my wt is holding steady, I contribute it to time spend at the fitness ctr.
Shane, great job!!
All of you who have experienced small victories: emoticon

Edited by: NGREGOR at: 1/24/2013 (19:31)
MEGSOC20 SparkPoints: (1,641)
Fitness Minutes: (743)
Posts: 90
1/24/13 4:35 P

getting to the gym even though i DID NOT feel like it...

SAD64PSYCH SparkPoints: (27,866)
Fitness Minutes: (15,379)
Posts: 77
1/24/13 4:33 P

Today's small victory was cutting off the start of a binge - Not a major event, but something that I have in the past often succumbed to and then been angry at myself.

SWEETMAHA SparkPoints: (80,552)
Fitness Minutes: (83,154)
Posts: 2,654
1/24/13 1:06 P

doing my firm dvd with high stamina

BLYNQI SparkPoints: (7,097)
Fitness Minutes: (6,104)
Posts: 39
1/24/13 12:43 P

small victory for me: been doing strength training a little every week for a while and wasn't sure if i was seeing results or not. then i noticed last week that certain things were easier for me to do at work, such as lifting, carrying, and moving large things.

LAG824 SparkPoints: (2,657)
Fitness Minutes: (589)
Posts: 9
1/24/13 12:37 P

This is good timing. I have been struggling to work out since I had my first child. I have been pretty upset with it. I work at a desk for 9 hours a day and try to take the stairs everywhere just to fit something in. I just found an 11 minute chair workout on spark people and I just completed it. I am actually a little out of breath! It was a small victory for me and something that I know I can fit in a couple of times a day!

1/24/13 12:23 P

emoticon Jumping rope is good for you in many ways. The timing of this topic couldn't be better.

I did a pull up the other day. I don't consider that a small victory, but my son does. He's in gymnastics. He does pull ups on rings, bars, ropes, ... most every day.

I had reached the conclusion that I couldn't do pull ups any more. That was sad! Anyway, last summer I decided I was going to do a pull up. Read some articles online. One VERY helpful article on SP! Thanks, Coach Nancy. Started doing lat pull downs. Slowly increasing weight. It took about 6 months, but now I can do a pull up!

This isn't the end of a journey, just a few steps forward in a long journey. Now, I want to get to where I can do it on rings. I have to lose more weight first though. Concerned about rings with an old shoulder injury.

So, not a small victory for me, but a good place to post about it.

ASHLING9 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (22,815)
Posts: 122
1/24/13 12:05 P

Has anyone come across some small victories along their journey not pertaining to weight loss?

Let me give you an example. I am an endurance athlete and I've been trying for the longest time to train my legs to move faster. So many people told me I need to start jump roping. For years I shrugged them off because there was no way I had enough coordination to jump rope. I had the "I never can, never will" attitude to jump roping.

Well one day my boyfriend was working out with the jump rope and encouraged me to try. He promised not to laugh and was really encouraging. I was a mess! I was jumping so high and swing my arms practically over my head. He told me about keeping a rhythm and keeping my feet and arms low. I was still pretty bad, but I had a new determination to learn to jump rope.

Since then I have gotten so much better. I can actually jump rope! I can't do tricks, but I jump rope quite well. It may not seem like a big deal, but I am really proud of myself and exciting about my 'small victory!'

Anyone else?

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