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Slow water day

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5/10/13 11:18 A

I usually like to drink flavored drinks, instead of plain water. To ensure that I get 8 glasses a day, I have started drinking more flavored warm teas, mostly decaf or caffiene free. I love chocolate and found some chocolatey ones that are available in amazon. This way I can drink some thing I like other than water without added calories. A while ago, I read a sparkpeople article on how drinking something warm also helps you feel full also. Doing this has worked out for me. When I feel hungry, I just drink some of my favorite warm teas, feel very satisfied, and get my 8 glasses a day emoticon emoticon .

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5/10/13 7:01 A

I eat loads of soups, casseroles, fruit and veges, and these have a fair bit of water in them, so don't generally need as much extra fluid. I count all fluids I drink as 'water'. As a general rule, be guided by thirst and the colour of your urine - if it is clear, you can afford to drink a bit less - if dark, then drink more. Ideally, it should be a pale yellow.


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5/9/13 11:20 P

I almost never have 8 glasses of water. My average is about 5, but vegetables and fruits have lots of water in them, so you're still getting that. 8 isn't a hard and fast rule, as far as I know, it's more an average. On hot days or days you work out, you're better to drink more, but don't force-feed yourself water if you really just aren't thirsty.

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5/9/13 11:17 P

I've been having at least 8 glasses a day since starting on Spark - some days seem much easier than others though. Today seems to be a slow day at least so far!

Anyone else have varied days or do you find more consistency?

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